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System is not running to my satisfactory, i am afraid.
I use Sundtek Synolgy Package (updated today to version .15) and stream content of DVB-C dongle of 2nd generation to my Dreambox.

Performance is close to perfection but regularly there are short freezes, on SD and or HD channels.
How come?
CPU of my 413j is being used for 25-40% during HD-streaming sessions.

Is CPU of my Dreambox maybe not sufficient?
Would you advise me any finetuning and if so what and in which device?

After reading older topics in this splendid forum i noticed that some time ago settop-users were advised to install tvheadend on the NAS followed by installing Sundtek drivers via Telnet.
I tried this procedure in the meantime but Telnet-commands found did not work any more.
Which commands are to be used in case i should not use Sundtek's Synology package?

Thank you for your comments!

Sorry to bother you again.
In the electronic shop "around the corner" they have a bargain of DS214 play at this very moment.
This model offers two 3.0 busses and unfortunately only one 2.0 USB bus.

My question: should i decide to use a second Sundtek tuner in the future, would it be possible to connect a powered Hub to this 2.0 port?
Would they both run this way, you think?

Thank you!

Thanx very much for your feedback!
Do you happen to know with which specific Synology-server this positive result was reached?

By the way:   has the former problem with USB 3.0-ports in Synology NAS systems been solved?

Thank you so much for this clear howto!

Sorry i am afraid i do not get the picture.
Synology webfrontend, what is that exactly (NAS own menu?)

Sorry to bother you again.
I followed your instructions, including Telnet session via Putty:   echo "enable_network=on" > /etc/sundtek.conf

But unfortunately, the Sundtek Control Center in the DM 800 does not find any IP servers.

Would you explain me what i did wrong?
After Telnet command echo "enable_network=on" > /etc/sundtek.conf  i restarted NAS via the Synology menu
Is that what you meant "restart through webfrondend" ?

Thank you so much for quick responding.
It seems rather uncomplicated indeed.

Please allow me one more detail...
As i mentioned in the former post i have been studying the "Synology-section" quite thorough lately.
Therefore i noticed a different Telnet command for enabling network support, i.e.:  /opt/bin/mediaclient --enablenetwork=on

Would you be as kind as to comment on this minor issue please?

Good morning,

After reading a lot in this interesting forum regarding Synology NAS systems, i am eager to give it a try myself.

-In my DS413j i downloaded in the Community section Sundtek package and installed it succesfully
-For Dreambox DM800SE network plugin has been installed and rights were configured (as well in the NAS)
-I purchased a second hand Sundtek DVB-C/T USB stick (silver, it is said to be one year old)

What is confusing me, is the (needed?) use of the application "tvheadend" of which is often spoken in many topics.
Do i really need tvheadend just for streaming DVB-C channels to the Dreambox or is Sundtek-package sufficient?

I hope somebody could help me in this matter
Thank you in advance

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