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Treiber / Re:Sundtek Synology Treiber Paket FAQ
« am: Januar 14, 2015, 08:51:34 Nachmittag »
thanx for feedback!
I made some inquiries after a genuine Samsung SSD this afternoon and was absolutely flabbergasted of price level.
Let's try your solution first i would suggest.

Treiber / Re:Sundtek Synology Treiber Paket FAQ
« am: Januar 14, 2015, 01:14:20 Nachmittag »
(harddisk) hibernation problem is getting worse every day so it seems.  (related to DSM 5.1 who knows?)
Do you think installation of a SSD will do the "trick" ?
Or are you about to introduce the workaround one of these days?

Thank you for your comments!

Treiber / Re:Sundtek Synology Treiber Paket FAQ
« am: Januar 05, 2015, 08:11:39 Nachmittag »
Great, i am looking forward to it already

Treiber / Re:Sundtek Synology Treiber Paket FAQ
« am: Januar 05, 2015, 03:20:34 Nachmittag »
Good afternoon,

I wonder how i may notice the implemantation is on the air when time is due?
Will you release a new Synology package?

Thank you in advance!

Treiber / Re:Sundtek Synology Treiber Paket FAQ
« am: Januar 01, 2015, 07:23:15 Nachmittag »
If you would be as kind..?
Thank you

edit: Do you release a short message when this feature will be realized?

Treiber / Re:Sundtek Synology Treiber Paket FAQ
« am: Januar 01, 2015, 12:55:07 Nachmittag »
I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2015!
As to the operation of Sundtek's (perfect) USB-tuners in combination with Synology servers a final solution of the hibernation problem is still on my wish list.

After reading your earlier comments, i learned that the hard disk in your own system comes out of hinerbation quite rarely.
Unfortunately this is not the case within my own Synology-NAS.

Hard disk awakes many times a day "out of the blue" and interrupts your driver which causes short hickups.
My experience (regarding waking up issue) is confirmed by many users on the Synology forum.

Of course the workaround (hard disk always running) is effective but this is not an elegant solution at all.

Is it possible to handle this issue?

Dreambox Settopbox / Re:networksupport under IPv6?
« am: November 16, 2014, 01:27:12 Vormittag »
Thnx for your quick reply!
Oops, you got me there; i really would not know if the settopbox is IPv6 compatible itself...
I wonder if my provider (Ziggo) is unique by introducing IPv6 for cable Internet.

XS4all (VDSL2/ADSL2) has been offering this protocol for some time now....

Dreambox Settopbox / networksupport under IPv6?
« am: November 16, 2014, 01:14:24 Vormittag »

Soon my cable provider will roll out IPv6, probably DS Lite.
Would you please give some information if networksupport (Synology Sundtek Package) versus (Dreambox) IP-client, set up with the SSC-plugin, will work properly as it does now under IPv4?

Thank you!

Treiber / Re:TVHeadend will nicht mehr nach Standby
« am: September 21, 2014, 04:35:34 Nachmittag »
As reported before, i "suffer" from the same symptom, described by Bruder.
Only difference: the driver does not crash but only freezers are seen during hibernation process.
Sometimes hick ups do not disappear and a channel switch is needed.

That's why i activate hard drive during watching tv.
I wonder how awaking from Hibernation in Synology NAS can be elaminated.


A minor -unexpected- problem seems to occur since i bought a second (grey) Sundtek stick last week.
This stick works fine but only when NAS is running before Dreambox is getting started. from deep standby)
During Dmm's starting up procedure LED's of both sticks light up for some time and both tuners can be used for either live tv or recording.

But...when the settopbox is already running and the NAS is being started after that at any moment (that is what this topic is about) only the LED of the first tuner lights up when a DVB-C channel is chosen.
When a reservation was made, the second tuner will only record one or two minutes and the LED does not light up at all!
Tuner configuration has been set up properly for the use of these two tuners.

As i said before, this is a minor problem when the NAS is running continuously but as i learned from you switching off temporarily should be possible....

Do you might have a solution?

I am afraid, it is me again.
Sorry but i already encountered an unexpected problem.
Status Dreambox: standby     status: NAS: off
Last nite: all DVB-C were visible before the Synology was switched off.

Now, only a few minutes ago, i first switched on the NAS and when it was running, i switched on the Dream:  no DVB-C channels to be seen "no data on transponder"

It is not a tragedy but do you happen to have a clue?

edit: sorry: i forgot to turn on the amplifier!!!!!!
Could you recommend a suitable shrink for me instead?

Good evening,

I just tried again and this time i succeeded!
I followed the same procedure, as described yesterday, during an update last night so the last driver cannot be the reason why.
The only different procedure was that i switched the settopbox to standby first and after that i switched on the NAS.

Who cares, it seems to work now and i am happy...

Thank you for the support!

Thanx again, great.
No, the IP of the NAS is a fixed one and ends up with......30

The SSC of the Dreambox shows ........30.0 (as before)

Would you please tell me how i can check driver version of the NAS?
In case of driver updates (shown in the SSC) until now i updated the settopbox first and after that i removed Sundtek-Package in the Synology and reinstalled it .
So the driver in NAS and Dreambox should be the same or not?

Thank you very much for the quick reply!
You were right: when the server is switched off, the dreambox does not hang it self and shows "tunen fehlgeschlagen" in case a DVB-C is chosen.

But i noticed that when the NAS is switched on again, the DVB-C channels are not shown (tunen fehlgeschlagen)though Sundtek-tuner is visible in tuner configuration.
During command "start tuner=blue button" the settopbox does not not react anymore on any r/c command.
Only a restart of the box had visible channels as result.

Have i misunderstood something?


Since i switch off hibernation in Synology,during watching tv, streaming DVB-C to Dreambox settopbox works totally fine. (no hick ups any more as it occured during Hibernation use)

As i am using the NAS exclusively for this purpose i wonder what happens if i would turn off the Synology directly after the Dreambox loaded the DVB-C tuner.
-would system crash immediately due to that?
-or would it be possible to turn off and start the NAS again when DVB-C channels are needed in fact only in the evening?

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