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Sundtek MediaTV Pro / Re:IP Tuner zwischen Dreamboxen ->Bild friert ein
« am: Dezember 14, 2015, 06:40:26 Nachmittag »
Sundtek mod: Sie täten gut daran sich noch ein Mal kritisch mit Ihrem Beitrag zu @jugser's Frage auseinanderzusetzen ?!?
Möglicherweise teilen Sie dann meine Meinung,Ihre Aussagen seien ziemlich arrogant.
Wenn schon -berechtigte- Kritik dann bitte respektvoll oder etwa gar nicht reagieren....

Trotzdem eine frohe Adventszeit gewünscht

Dreambox Settopbox / Sundtek DVB-C Sticks Open-ATV tauglich
« am: Dezember 06, 2015, 12:08:37 Vormittag »

Erwäge ein Image von Open ATv aufzuspielen.
Funktioniert die Installation mittels SSC?

Vielen Dank!

Good morning,

I am afraid there is something wrong with the SSC.
My friend (DM 7020HD, first edition) tried to run a third stick in network mode.
Also in his configuration the third stick refused to appear in the plugin.

Please advise

Sorry but i did not succeed in enabling the third (DVB-C silver stick) to run.
I inserted the stick when the box was off.
When the box was "on air" i pushed green button (auto start), a pop up followed saying that no stick was found and the confoguration was written without it.

Pushing blue and yellow buttons did not do the trick neither...

My questions would be:
a. is the number of tuners in a Dreambox maybe limited to four?
b. is the silver Sundtek DVB-C still being supported for this purpose?

I hope you are able to advise me what to do to get the extra tuner working properly.

Thank you

I had a quick look in your software corner in the meantime and found the specific new SSC-ipk!
After installation the new SSC is visible.
I am curious if the third USB-tuner is running as smoothly as both via network


Thanx for your comments!
I am still figuring out how to update drivers and present version of the SSC-plugin.
Plugin said that diver update(s) are available and moreover a new version of the Sundtek Control Center.

However...when i renew both (through Bouquet + and/or additional menu) everything seems to be the same (information of new driver and new SSC have not disappeared)
Of course i restarted the box after installations.

Would you please help what is wrong?

Dreambox Settopbox / Dritter USB-Tuner möglich über das SSC?
« am: Juli 20, 2015, 10:20:10 Vormittag »

In our household two Sundtek DVB-C Sticks (III) are succesfully active, in network mode, through a Synology-NAS.
Would it be possible to connect a third stick in USB mode directly to my Dreambox?
If so, how to install that tuner>?
As far as i know the Sundtek Control Center offers only the possiblity of running two sticks....

Thanx for your help!

Treiber / Re:TVHeadend will nicht mehr nach Standby
« am: März 17, 2015, 11:06:49 Nachmittag »
Sundtek support took over control through teamviewer and modified my Synology-system accordingly.
Really a top service but unfortunately the result was far from being satisfactory.
No problem since i was aware that the service added was experimental for the time being.

For some reason my several requests for additional support (howto in order to remove this service from my system)stayed unreplied.

Why, i ask myself.......

Treiber / Re:TVHeadend will nicht mehr nach Standby
« am: Februar 21, 2015, 09:29:56 Nachmittag »
Are you sure as to your earlier statement?

Treiber / Re:TVHeadend will nicht mehr nach Standby
« am: Februar 17, 2015, 03:51:24 Nachmittag »
Thank you for feedback.
For your information: please read device in stead of advice in my former post.

Treiber / Re:TVHeadend will nicht mehr nach Standby
« am: Februar 17, 2015, 03:41:11 Nachmittag »
Is there still any chance of the implematation (Synology NAS running when advice is active) of the promised feature?
Please advise, otherwise i have to buy SSD's. Unfortunately too many recordings were lost due to hard disk issue.

Treiber / Re:Sundtek Synology Treiber Paket FAQ
« am: Januar 30, 2015, 08:47:02 Nachmittag »
The release was announced for the first week.
Did you have the year 2015 in mind?
Please ackknowlegde so that i won't have to postpone the purchase of a SSD anymore.
I have full understanding that due to circumstances promises are being broken but unfortunately not over and over again.

Treiber / Re:Sundtek Synology Treiber Paket FAQ
« am: Januar 30, 2015, 11:51:18 Vormittag »
Sorry, not to annoy you but any progress "ÿet"?

Thank you!

Treiber / Re:Sundtek Synology Treiber Paket FAQ
« am: Januar 23, 2015, 12:31:51 Nachmittag »
Good Friday,

Any news yet II?

Treiber / Re:Sundtek Synology Treiber Paket FAQ
« am: Januar 22, 2015, 12:36:04 Nachmittag »
Good morning,

Any news yet?

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