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Treiber / Re:TVHeadend will nicht mehr nach Standby
« am: Juli 12, 2014, 12:42:50 Vormittag »
Great, thank you!
I will pay attention to the temperature the next coming days and keep you posted.
Moreover i considerate purchasing a (small=240 Gb) SSD.
Such devices suppose to operate with very low temperature

Treiber / Re:TVHeadend will nicht mehr nach Standby
« am: Juli 11, 2014, 09:25:17 Nachmittag »
Dear Sundtek-support team,

I would be highly intetested to know why continous usage of the hard disk in NAS systems is not first choice.
Are you afraid of too high temperatue maybe?

Treiber / Re:TVHeadend will nicht mehr nach Standby
« am: Juli 11, 2014, 11:40:49 Vormittag »
Thnx for your feedback.
Yes, i am afraid any attempt to access the NAS causes wake up and moreover, as mentioned before, the system seems to initiate this itself up to three times a day.

In logfiles of the Synology such happened for instance at 00.02 hrs last night.
Unfortunately there was no entry which process caused that.

As to the workaround suggested by you: why is it not recommended by the way?
I could activate the hard disk only while watching tv actually ?!?

Treiber / Re:TVHeadend will nicht mehr nach Standby
« am: Juli 11, 2014, 01:16:04 Vormittag »
Is it possible to prevend the hard disk from awaking out of hibernation?
I switched off all apps, deleted Windows file service and so on.
In other words: the NAS is only used for streaming Sundtek DVB-C sticks.
Nevertheless i noticed that the NAS wakes up until three times per 24 hrs. which causes inevitably hick ups during streaming.

Has it anything to do with unsufficient CPU power of the NAS in question?
Would one with double core CPU perform better in this respect?

Thank you

Thank you very much for testing!
Yes, i noticed too that when NAS is being opened for some issue (hard disk and mail server functionality) that stream breaks briefly.
Such is also the case when in Windows 7 start button "Computer" is being used.
No tragedy however....

Our main problem is (or better was) that once my wife started a new on-line bridge game the stream stopped for some seconds and only switching the channel solved that problem
A few days our PC's changed places and for some reason this specific issue does not occur anymore on the computer on which she is playing.
Peculiar is it not? both PC's have a Gigabit network card

Thank you for responding.
I tried many many times and guess what: over night it worked again!

Yes, i use(d) the former DSM 5.0 version.
Will update it at once

In the meantime i uninstalled Sundtek package in the NAS and unfortunately after adding "" in Community section message WRONG LOCATION keeps coming up.
Refreshing does not help at all.

Help please......

Much obliged for your comments!
What about restarts after an update (NAS and/or settopbox):is/are it/they required?

I noticed in the SSC plugin that another driver update is ready tot be installed...
Would you be as kind as to specify procedure in which order?

a. is Sundtek Synology package automatically updated?
b. if not, uninstall present version (0.15) and reinstall Package again?
c. is restart required in that case?
d. finally, after updating settopbox through SSC: is restart required too?

Thank you

Don't worry, thanx for your comments anyway!

Did you have opportunity to test streaming in combination Dreambox/Synology yet?

Yes this Dream model is meant!
I am eagerly looking forward to your own results....

Thanx in advance

OK, that is a little relief, thanx.
CPU on Dreamboxes are not quite state of the art; could the box be the cause of the problem?
(i installed driver through SSC plugin and configured IP streaming by means of this plugin)

For streaming to a settopbox installing driver on the box itself is absolutely necessary, i suppose.
Would there be another solution by using some kind of mediaplayer?

I apologize for my lack of knowledge...

Good morning,

May i ask what results, shown in my previous post, show up?
For your information: result was obtained with a Synology 213 (show model from my computer supplier)
(My own NAS is to be repaired there, if possible)

Thank you!

Reply to your question:

DiskStation> /volume1/@appstore/sundtek/opt/bin/mediaclient --lc
**** List of Media Clients ****
  9263 ... mediasrv
  9263 ... mediasrv
  9263 ... mediasrv (07da)
  9263 ... mediasrv (0835)
  9263 ... mediasrv (07d1)
  9263 ... mediasrv (0000)
  9263 ... mediasrv (0064)
  9263 ... mediasrv (0065)
  9263 ... mediasrv (07d0)
  9263 ... mediasrv (0012)
  No client connected
  No client connected
  No client connected
  No client connected
  No client connected

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