Autor Thema: Install the Sundtek SkyTV Ultimate driver in Alpine Linux on a Raspberry Pi -LXC  (Gelesen 2067 mal)


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I have a Sundtek SkyTV Ultimate 8 2018 which I want to install in a Alpine Linux OS on a Raspberry Pi (ARM) inside an LXC container.

Let's go by parts,

The script does not support Alpine Linux, but from what I could observe it does support "arm64musl" which should be what Alpine Linux needs. The only issue is that arm64 is not supported by in Raspberry Pi (At least not officialy yet on the Rpi 4 default kernel). Is there any change to get a non 64 bit build for arm that runs with musl? Will there be official support for Alpine Linux for the Sundtek driver? (I can help out with that, as long as I can get a 32bit ARM build of the drivers).

I'm running the Alpine Linux version inside a LXC container. I'm aware that there is Docker support for the driver (Which is basically the same as how LXC works). How does the driver work? As far as I understood, it is running in userland, so it could run directly in the container? Or is the driver required to be installed on the host and the container at the same time? If installed in both, should I stop the userland service on the host and keep it in the container? (I tested this setup with a Debian LXC container, but without success. It seems to be unable to open the device, while using the driver directly on the host works).

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Re: Install the Sundtek SkyTV Ultimate driver in Alpine Linux on a Raspberry Pi -LXC
« Antwort #1 am: Januar 24, 2020, 01:10:48 Vormittag »
hmm.. this very likely depends on the toolchain, please join our chat and if possible set up some kind of remote access to that system so we can get familiar with that system.

The entire system is made very flexible, we can easily add support for different architectures.
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