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Nachrichten - BestOf

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Finally it works like a charm with the latest Black Hole 2.1.5 image:
Thank you for your support.

1- Yes I switch to DVB-T from control center.
2- Should I put the frequencies manually?


I can not get it to work. The installation is successful, I have the control center sundtek plugin menu, I select DVB-T for digital terrestrial, Control tuner I select Europe, Middle East, Africa DVB-T because I am in Africa (in Tunisia ) but looking chains I find nothing. I try with my two receivers (vuplus solo2 and solo se) and three versions: BlackHole-2.1.4, vti 8-1-0 and openvix-Apollo.028.
My TV DTT works well.

Thank you for your support


Seiten: [1]