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Themen - brdkos

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I have a big problem with the signal quality with my DVB-S2 stick on DM800SE.

My hardware:
Gemini version: 0.45-r2
Enigma version: 2011-11-10-3.2
iCVS Image: Release 3.2.1 2011-11-21
Kernel: 2.6.18
DVB-S2 stick freshly installed 16.01.2012

I am using Inverto Black TWIN 0,2dB LNBs and Multibeam.

With the internal DVB-S2 tuner BCM4505 everything works like a charm, but with the DVB-S2 stick all HD channels are completely unwatchable, BER is constantly on 28096 or 39184. SD channels works, but slow fix and ocassionally dropouts, BER jumps from 0 to 28096 or 39184, nothing between. I tried it with all my INVERTO LNBs on several positions (23.5E 0.8W, 19.2E etc), direct connection without switch, but the problem persists.
The worsiest part is, that from some strange reason, Enigma prioritize DVB-S2 stick instead of internal (good working) tuner and it is impossible to change it.

I tried to replace supplied AC adapter but without success. I guess that it should be a hardware issue of my DVB-S2 stick. Do you have any advice for me? Thanks!

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