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Yes, see some posts in:

User RonH also mentioned this post.

Its in dutch. But in short they say it's not a Pli problem:

- It's a sundtek driver problem: other images aren't working 100% also.(because if you try to zap extremely fast between DVB-c channels you get the same result with Blackhole. With VTi you have to record a DVB-c HD channel and try to switch very fast between dvb-c channels when using two Sundtek sticks (my config). Abnormal use actually - with normal use its working okay).
- Sundtek drivers are closed source so PLi can't fix that.
- PLi changed something to get better zap-timing. Sundtek should update the drivers to get that working with openPLi

Maybe you can contact openPLi directly.

I also opened a new thread on the openPLi forum:

EDIT: For now I know this problem is occurring with Vu+ duo only. I haven't heard anything of users of other types of E2 boxes.

Sundtek MediaTV Pro (Europe) / Re:Installation on a Dreambox settopbox
« am: März 27, 2012, 10:30:18 Vormittag »
As I said, everything is working now.
But there is one fault with the Sundtek in combination with OpenPli. I can switch from DVB-T to DVB-C and back to DVB-T whithout any problems. But if I want to go back to DVB-C once more, it stops working. Only DVB-T will work from then on. The Sundtek doesn't do anything anymore, and says it has 0% signal.

Only a powercycle will resolve that issue, untill you switch from DVB-T to DVB-C for the second time. I guess it's a driver problem. I hope you can reproduce this problem, and resolve this. (it's a common problem with Sundtek if you search the internet)

DVB-T should be DVB-S?
The problem is occurring when switching between DVB-S and DVB-C  :)
I started a new topic:,844.0.html because this problem is with several types of E2 boxes.

Sundtek MediaTV Pro (Europe) / problems Sundtek MediaTV Digital Home and openPLi
« am: März 27, 2012, 10:22:40 Vormittag »
There is a problem using Sundtek MediaTV Digital Home with openPLi. If you switch from a DVB-C channel to a DVB-S channel and back, there is no more picture on the DVB-C channel. You can still watch the satellite-channels but you have to hardreset the box to watch the cable-channels again.

If I use VTi 4.1 there is no problem with normal use. And some users say in the openPLi-forum (dutch section) the Blackhole-image is also working.

My configuration:
Vu+ duo
2x Sundtek MediaTV Digital Home USB (duo on one USB-hub)
VTi 4.1
CCcam 2.3

Hope you can reproduce and solve this problem.

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