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Sundtek MediaTV Pro (Europe) / Raspberry Pi 2
« am: April 04, 2015, 09:42:37 Nachmittag »
I just got the Raspberry Pi 2 and i'm really impressed by this little thing.
I already have the Raspberry Pi 1 (not b+) and this is a major upgrade!

I'm running openelec + tvheadend. Tvheadend server can be installed under Unofficial RPI 2 repository available in the addons list.

However, when i Switch channels, it's really slow (around 10 seconds, i'm used to around 1-1.5 seconds). Now i don't have the mpeg2 codecs installed and that might be the issue (i haven't recieved the codes yet).

Yesterday i installed raspbian on the RPI 1 and the tvheadend server and streamed channels to another HTPC via WLAN and the channel switching was just as fast as before. Faster than any Enigma 2 settop box!

I tried playing around some settings but nothing has helped.

Any clues? :)

I created this thread for future RPI 2 questions for everyone!

Edit: forgot to mention that the HTPC I've been running with fast channel changing was not any of my raspberry Pi's
Maybe it is supposed to switch this slow with a RPI.  But when the RPI runs as a tvheadend server but I view the channel on another client, the channel switching is fast on the client side.

Sundtek MediaTV Pro (Europe) / raspberry pi + sundtek then view in a dreambox
« am: April 03, 2015, 06:34:28 Nachmittag »
Is it possible to view the channels on an enigma2 settop box (dreambox) streamed from a raspberry pi + sundtek? How would I set it up in the dreambox?


Can anyone help me figure out why my Sundtek USB stick keeps dropping from the Openelec system. After a while, the picture freezes and then Tvheadend reports there is no hardware to receive channels, that is the sundtek somehow freezes and needs a reboot. I shutdown the HTPC and remove the USB Stick from USB stick including the DVB-C cable and then it works.
Only rebooting doesn't help.

I have reinstalled Openelec more than 3 times trying newer versions but it's not helping. I've had this problem for more than a year. The freezing happens often. I'm trying KODI now.

Sundtek MediaTV Pro (Europe) / MediaTV dvb-c stick, is really a dual tuner?
« am: Januar 02, 2013, 02:26:48 Nachmittag »
I managed somehow in some cases to watch two different channels simultanously with my setup.

I use tvheadend as backbone and watched some channels simultanously.

I then use two different xbmc setups with tvheadend clients.

On someother channels i couldn't do it. I got "no subscription".

Is it dual tuner? How can i watch the other channels simultanously?

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