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VU+ - VU Duo Settopbox / Drivers from October'12. Freeze issue.
« am: Oktober 10, 2012, 08:27:06 Vormittag »
Hello again.
I am catch a something, IMHO, required your, or other VU+ users attention.
With the latest drivers from Sundtek, dated ~ first days of october'12 (dated 29-sep-2012 - last driver which is work ok), AND the any 2012 drivers from Marusys (I tried vary from the beginning of 2012 to the latest)
when box is rebooted on the encrypted DVB-C channel, it will freezed to respond after reboot (when STB starts on the encrypted DVB-C channel). Just:
- info bar appears with the name of the channel;
- NO indicator of encryption;
- NO update of local time (always displayed 01.01.1970 03:00);
- NO picture resolution of the channel (atomic symbol "x");
- The spinner rounding at the left top corner of screen.
Expecting the "top" command on telnet, it shows that enigma2 process eat more than 40% of cpu.

In my case, I'm experiences a troubles with the CI-module (pairing conax CAM, troubles described here), but that issue appears with OR without insertion of any CAM. Only one way to unfreeze: physically unplug USB tuner and kill the enigma2 processes (or reboot).

This is again ugly Marysys drivers (as says the one of maintainers of OpenPLi project) ?

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