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Linux driver roadmap
« am: August 17, 2009, 01:22:38 Nachmittag »
Current roadmap for upcoming releases:
* direct integration of pulseaudio for analog TV and FM radio playback
* Multiclient support for fm radio/analog TV audio
* Multiclient support for DVB-T/C dvr nodes
* Video4Linux1 support for mplayer/older VLC versions
* support for Linux VDR
* Remote control support
* MythTV AnalogTV we currently do not recommend MythTV for analog TV
* finalizing support for kaffeine and VLC (dvb)
* support for alternative remote controls (NEC, RC5, RC6 are supported by the hardware)
* USB CI Support
* Linux livecd with Sundtek MediaTV Pro/Gold support
* Virtual DVB/FM radio driver which allows remote access to the device via W-Lan/Network
* DVB-S2 (S2-API) Support which will be default with all applications from ~2010 on)
* OSS Audio Support for MythTV (Analog TV)

* we'll immediately try to evaluate and fix bugreports which are posted in the forum

(crossed out points are finished)
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