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Update 4. December 2010
« am: Oktober 13, 2010, 12:47:29 Nachmittag »

* fix closing the demux nodes if a network disconnect occures
* fix 32bit mmap support
* added ARM uclib build
* driver will be started automatically when issuing a --mount command (if not already started)
* logfile will show up information about the USB connection (USB 1.1 or USB 2.0, we only support USB 2.0)
* added support for network autostart on Dreambox based systems.
* fix FM radio for gstreamer (added some OSS Audio functions).
* fix Seagate Dockstar device discovery
* in general fix USB bulk transfer - we finally managed to support bulk as well as iso (which is the mode which is used by default for transferring the videodata from the USB Stick tot he PC).
* fix USB bulk transfer for MythTV
* fix symbolrate app information in driver
* added support for new tuners which are DVB-T2 aware (please note we are working on DVB-T2 support for Linux - new devices will be required)
* added new chipsupport for ATSC/QAM
* mcsimple C API also supports scanning network DVB devices
* Fix Wine Support (32bit)
* support for new ATSC Geraete/MiniPCIe
* direct support for accessing IC components on our devices (especially for measuring purpose for special applications)
* DMX_SET_BUFFER_SIZE support for /dev/dvb/adapterN/dvr0 interfaces (this fixes gstreamer dvb streaming)
* Support for new DVB-C/T/Hybrid devices
* fix standby for devices which are used via the network
* support for Sundtek SkyTV Ultimate DVB-S/S2 USB Stick
* synchronization bugfix for vdr-live
* fix hotplug disconnect if our "acceleration" module is used.
* DVB-S Support on dreambox.
* executable scripts in /etc/sundtek will be started automatically when the driver starts up
* all new dvb-c/t, dvb-c/t/hybrid devices are supported with this driver
* poll update for mythTV
* support for switching the transfer mode between bulk/iso for new devices
* Dreambox 2.6.18-7.4, DM800SE Support
* VU+ Solo Support
* general VDR improvements
* supporting HDTV/S2 API via network (2. Dez 2010)
* led on new devices indicates if device is active or in standby mode (2. Dez 2010)
* Bugfix network ARM -> x86/64 connections using S2 API (3. Dez 2010)
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