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Sundtek Media TV Pro Linux Installation
« am: August 15, 2009, 12:46:14 Nachmittag »
Dear Sundtek,

Could you point me to the Source code, or tell me if/when this is/becomes available?
Why is this driver not included in the main kernel? (Like all other drivers)

Open source support is a requirement from our side for buying such a product. We've been bitten once
by ATI, who dropped support in their driver for my video card (effectively giving me the option between never upgrading linux again or buying a new card...) With the fast evolution of the Linux kernel I am not willing to take such a chance again. (I can understand such a model working for Windows, but not Linux. It just changes too often)

Moreover, having the driver in open souce will decrease the maintainance burden from your side.
"Ease of installation" is not a differentiator when the driver is included in the kernel and therefore in all distributions. A (graphical) configuration tool is then all you would need to provide instead of a full driver installation script...


Bert Haverkamp
Oatfield Electronics



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Sundtek Media TV Pro Linux Installation
« Antwort #1 am: August 15, 2009, 01:00:31 Nachmittag »
We do not have any Kerneldriver.

Our driver runs entirely in userspace as normal application. USB 2.0 devices can just as good work in Userspace as in Kernelspace, but the advantage in Userspace is that one release works from Linux 2.6.15 on with all Kernels without having to spend any time on setting up a development environment or compiling any drivers.

The driver is directly supported by multiple involved (chip)companies, some companies restricted their support only to a closed driver thus we are bound to that as well.

>> Moreover, having the driver in open souce will decrease the maintainance burden from your side.

There's no need of maintainance for particular kernelversions, we are innovation leader with our current solution since it is independent of the kernelversions. The installer does not compile anything, it just copies the 32 or 64bit files to /opt

The minimal requirement for our solution is Linux USB Support, we do not require any kernel video4linux1/2 or linuxdvb support in the kernel since our driver comes with a reimplementation of the stack in Userspace. Aside of that it is fully compatible with existing video4linux1/2/linuxdvb solutions and will not interfere but is able to coexist.

This also makes the installation of the driver very simple and work the same way on any existing netbooks out there without having to prepare any special package.

The official link to the driver will be available with the next Website update which shall be within the next days, due the first stage we only provided it through email in order to get some direct feedback from our customers.
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