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Seagate Dockstar [ 1.2 Ghz ARM System ] Streamingserver

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I would like to jump here on as well.
I want to migrate from mythtv with dvb-t to dvb-c (dockstar underneath).
unfortunately, unitymedia forces me to use a CI.
i would volunteer to tun a beta ;)
having an alphacrypt card already working.


Due too many problems in October -- but surprisingly we were able to solve most of them already -- we can dig into USB CI again right at the beginning of November.
We already worked on this a 3/4 year ago but never completed it.

We even have a bunch of Dockstars in our office waiting to get prepared for Streaming/PayTV (using USB CI)/and our TV devices

Hi Sundtek

I want to buy Sundtek Media TV Pro for use in Singapore. I think we have DVB-T broadcast here. Will it work?

Where can I see it in demo with Seagate Dockstar? Youtube?


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