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Seagate Dockstar [ 1.2 Ghz ARM System ] Streamingserver

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Seagate Dockstar

CPU ARM 1.2 Ghz
Memory 128 MB Ram


The driver will be installed in memory for now, so far we also tested 2 DVB-C sticks at the same time.

1. connect to your dockstar using ssh (the default root password is stxadmin):

--- Zitat ---# cd /tmp
# wget http://www.sundtek.de/media/sundtek_installer_development.sh
# chmod 777 sundtek_installer_development.sh
# ./sundtek_installer_development.sh
Busybox installation

Welcome to the Sundtek linux driver setup

Legal notice:
This software comes without any warranty, use it at your own risk

Do you want to continue [Y/N]:
Sundtek übernimmt keinerlei Haftung für Schäden welche eventuell durch
das System oder die angebotenen Dateien entstehen können.

Wollen Sie fortfahren [J/N]:
stopping old driver instance...
checking system... Dockstar like system detected
Starting driver...
switching off loglevel
Enabling network support

--- Ende Zitat ---

after this intallation you can simply follow the normal network clientsetup on remote pcs
Using DVB in your homenetwork


This is just what I like very much.
I already own two dockstar's. I'm testing with an other usb tuner which has a cam built-in.
But the (cam) driver support of this other tuner is not yet ready.

Edit by Sundtek:
removed the part which contained unwanted information

In other forum messages i've already read about an upcomming Sundtek CAM solution.

I hardly can't wait to see someting like that working on a dockstar !

Please let me know if there is any progress with a cam solution

Kind regards,


We can go for the USB CI module after 13th. Oct - the official release date of DVB-S/S2 USB


Can we start another topic on the USB-CI module ?

For this topic , i've already the following questions:

- When will it be launched ?
- what cam modules are supported ?


This will take some more time. We're waiting for DVB-S/S2 feedback now and improving the Settopbox support for this until upcoming week. After that USB CI will be a topic again yes.


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