Autor Thema: Can't switch USB-tuner 'ON' on ARM Cortex A7 Zgemma H8.2H receiver  (Gelesen 99 mal)


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Can't switch USB-tuner 'ON' on ARM Cortex A7 Zgemma H8.2H receiver
« am: April 02, 2024, 06:35:43 Nachmittag »

My Sundtek dvb-stick is perfectly working in various Zgemma receivers, except for Zgemma H8.2H (openpli).

The receiver is equipped with built-in DVB-S2X + DVB-T2/C combo tuner.
The processor is an ARM Cortex A7 processor ( and detected:

(Part of the install text)
checking system...  ARM SYSV HF System detected
This seems to be a settopbox, also installing Settopbox extensions
installing (netinstall mode)...
Downloading architecture specific driver ... armsysvhf
Download finished. installing now ...
etc etc.

Restart reports:Wait...
DVB-C Tuner start
2024-03-19 10:09:51  [2119]  UID: 0 SUIS 0
switching 0ff loglevel
Using device: /dev/dvb/adapter1/frontend0
Setting Frontend Properties to: DVBC
sending enable dreambox request for /dev/dvb/adapter1/frontend0
Enigma restart

The Sundtek Control Center finds Sundtek MediaTV Pro (USB2.0) stick.
During installation the blue LED shortly blinked!
I did not get any notification or experienced a problem during installation.

Unfortunately the switches in the Control Centre, to turn Tuner 1 and Tuner 2 on/off, are missing.
The tuner information shows the status is 'STANDBY' and as the switches are missing it is not possible to change the satus to 'ACTIVE'

Is there any alternative solution to switch the Sundtek USB-tuner on?


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Re: Can't switch USB-tuner 'ON' on ARM Cortex A7 Zgemma H8.2H receiver
« Antwort #1 am: April 07, 2024, 09:45:15 Nachmittag »
Maybe the enigma startup scripts are different? If possible prepare some kind of remote access to that settopbox so we can have a look at it (ssh, anydesk etc.)
You might try to contact us via support chat so we can go through that together and get some overview about this settopbox.
Failure is a good thing! I'll fix it