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This streamingserver is already integrated into the MacOSX driver

Following is the installation procedure on regular Linux systems:

--- Zitat ---sudo /opt/bin/mediaclient --installstreamer

--- Ende Zitat ---
(Please restart the system after the update)
The tuner can then be configured via the web interface
Http: // localhost: 22000

The streamingserver is compatible with :
* Most Linux based systems (eg. Debian, Ubuntu, Suse, Redhat, Fedora, ...)
*Routers (eg. AVM (Fritzbox 7490), TP-Link (using DD-WRT/OPENWRT),Netgear (DD-WRT/OPENWRT)
*NAS Systems (QNAP, Synology, XPenology,etc)
*Raspberry PI
*as mentioned MacOSX
  The streamingserver is also ported to Windows, we have already created a port successfully under Windows.
  (Windows 10 as well as Windows 7 were tested so far, the switching times are about 1-2 seconds)
And streams can also be added to Kodi, XBMC.

23. Juni 2016
- rewriting SDT Table in order to improve channel switching with VLC
- database will be re-initialized once the streamingserver gets updated
- added Frequency table for UPC Switzerland
- added MacOSX Hibernation support

Once the streamingserver is installed the driver will start it automatically.

Multiple clients are able to stream individual programs at the same time, multiple devices are also supported. Currently supported standards (DVB-C, DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, ATSC, ISDB-T)

EPG will be parsed completely (usually up to 2 weeks in Europe, eg. for German TV Stations)

Once the device is set up via the website following playlists will be available:

First page (if device is not set up):

[UPDATE] Setup:


The menu will be extended automatically depending on the scan result:

SDTV Channels:

Filter Options:

Available playlists:


two small questions:
1. is this streaming server also working for analog tv?
2. how to configure kodi to read tv stream from your streaming server. is there a dedicated PVR addon for the sundtek streaming server or do I need to use an exiting one (like vdr or tvheadend) and configure it properly?



currently it only supports Digital TV.

We are adding FM Radio and DAB / DAB+ Support at the moment, afterwards possibly AnalogTV.

Digital TV can be used using kodi's IPTV Simple plugin.

The server is work in progress.


thanks for your reply,

it would be nice to have the analog tv supported but I understand it's not high priority ;-)

I tried it for DVB-c channels and I had some issues:

first of all the web interface is all in german which makes it quite complex for me to make the first setup.
--> is there a way to switch to english for the web interface?

secondly, I'm located in Belgium (french speaking part of the country) and the only provider available in the predefined frequencies list is from the flemish region -IN.DI-Integan- . using this predefined set I found only 10 paytv channels for which I have no subscription, so I can't use them.
I then tried with the automatic search ("Automatischer Suchlauf" google translate helped me here) but I was not able to find other channels.

FYI, I've been able to use the sundtek stick with tvheadend for dvb-c channels, I had the same issue (no predefined channels list for my provider -VOO-) but in tvheadend I was able to create manually the dvb-c muxes (frequencies) to get freetv channels and radio channels working.
--> I can provide you the muxes detailled info

tomorrow I'll try to look for dvb-t channels.


English will be available with one of the next updates.

Can you provide the channel list?
I think we will add some feature to allow a detailed background scan in the future.


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