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How to ncorrectly install on a ET10000 (enigma2) tuner?
« am: Mai 14, 2016, 02:13:30 Vormittag »
I ordered and received a sundtek DVB-S/S2 usb stick.

Sadly there was no manual included how to install so i tried it myself.

I found in the application downloads the app 'Sundtek Control Center' and sundtek driver.
I both installed them and my stick was after a reboot detected as 5th tuner (got allready 4 plugin tuners).

The strange thing is that the tuner suddenly is 'in use' when no one is using it, so no recording, streaming or watching. When selecting the tuner in the sattelite finder it errors with no tuner found....
Only a reboot of the box resolves this problem...

Also the picture is somtimes blocked when using the softcam decoder, other tuners have no problem..

I doubt if the tuner is installed correctly, also the app lists only a DVB-C tuner not DVB-S2.

Could someone tell me what it the correct way to install this tuner on a xtrend ET10000 box?

Is it possible to use the tuner also in openelec, if so how?
Is it maybe possible to share the tuner, so pluggedin into the ET10000 and use iptv to connect from openelec?


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Re:How to ncorrectly install on a ET10000 (enigma2) tuner?
« Antwort #1 am: Mai 14, 2016, 03:28:07 Vormittag »
You have installed the tuner correctly.

This sounds like an image problem. We have integrated the S2 Tuners years ago and there are no such problems.

When the picture blocks you need to check whether it's a signal problem or the box is overloaded (or USB ports are overloaded - eg. if you use a USB Harddisk at the same time), the BER should give you some indication about that.

In openelec there's a sundtek plugin available, currently you can use it with tvheadend.
There is a network mode integrated in the driver, I'm not sure if you can enable this via the sundtek openelec plugin (the command line way to set up the network streaming is to run mediaclient --enablenetwork=on on openelec, with other systems it would be /opt/bin/mediaclient --enablenetwork=on)
For the near future we plan to release our own streaming server.

For sure there are no sensitivity issues with those tuners they have been tested intensively (we have tested them with around 30 different LNBs by now and every single tuner is tested before shipping them out).
Failure is a good thing! I'll fix it