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[1] Raspberry PI2/Openelec 6.0/MediaPro III : Freeze or "no data" after some hours

[2] Tvheadend and the options "Low Noise Amplifier / LNA" and "Power save"

[3] Raspberry PI2 + Openelec 6.0 + MediaPro III + VDR + Remote command

[4] Tvheadend: TS Sync byte not aligned, realigning stream

[5] Using a Sony Handycam as a webcam via Sundtek MediaTV Pro III in Linux

[6] Probleme mit TVHeadend und 2 Media TV Sticks auf Synology NAS

[7] Notes on using tvheadend on beaglebone black with MediaTV Digital Home DVB-C

[8] LIRC - Remote control

[9] poor reception on some frequencies (solved)


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