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Sundtek MediaTV Pro (Europe) / Re:Installation on a Dreambox settopbox
« am: August 15, 2014, 03:14:55 Nachmittag »
Dreamboxes officially do not support DVB-T2, however you can use the device and tunnel DVB-T2 through DVB-T (also only select DVB-T in the Windows installer, DVB-T2 is also supported through DVB-T mode!)

The problem here is that you need to scan those channels manually, because they will not be scanned with the default DVB-T frequency tables.

Do you know the DVB-T2 frequencies in your area?

Hi and thank you very much for you answer!
Well, it was as I thought: the terrestrial.xml was wrong or not updated.
Does it come with your drivers?
Anyway searching and searching (it was difficult...) I found an updated terrestrial.xml file. Now I receive all the DVB-T2 channels!
I'm happy about that, but... the HD channels are really slow to open!
Some times the Dreambox stucks on the channel for 10 or 20 seconds... nothing happens...
there is only a freezed picture, so if I try to change the channel and come back, then maybe in 5 seconds I see the channel...
It's quite annoying...
Are there some option to choose, to change to have a better reception of the HD channels?
Thanks in advance!


Sundtek MediaTV Pro (Europe) / Re:Installation on a Dreambox settopbox
« am: August 14, 2014, 11:30:10 Vormittag »

2 days ago I bought Sundtek MediaTV Digital Home (DVB-C/T/T2) for my Dreambox 8000.
I installed the drivers I found here (I installed via IP address ... cool feature!).

This is the situation: the device works... but only for DVB-T channels.
I bought it to receive DVB-T2 channels, but when I search for them, they don't arrive!
In last 2 days I spent a lot of time to understand where is the problem?
I live in Finland, and here the DVB-T2 standard is a reality. I have the antenna ready for that kind of frequencies, but the Dreambox "sees" only DVB-T frequencies.
What I'm doing wrong?
I searched in the terrestrial.xml it seems alright... I see Suomi (Finland) DVB-T/DVB-T2 list, but I'm wondering if those frequencies are updated... Are they?
Of course I checked also in the options of my Dreambox that the Sundtek MediaTV Digital Home is set as DVB-T2 and frequencies are for Finland.

What else should I do?
Does it (maybe) works only with certain Dreambox images?
And by the way, does the remote control I received with the Sundtek MediaTV Digital Home, works with the Dreambox (do I need it?).

Thank you in advance! I hope you can help me!
Because I would be very disappointed. My Dreambox had already the receiver for DVB-T channels, and I didn't need to buy another one...


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