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Hi thanks a lot,
I had indeed tuning problems with the previous release, now the tuner is working beautifully.


problem SOLVED with the new release!

root@raspbmc:~# /opt/bin/mediaclient --build
Build date: 2013-02-19 20:53:11

thanks a lot!


system with physical adapter
root@raspbmc:~# /opt/bin/mediaclient --build
Build date: 2013-02-16 15:33:57

system with virtual adapter (network)
root@squeeze:~# /opt/bin/mediaclient --build
Build date: 2013-02-16 15:33:57

I can confirm that on my setup diseqc commands are not being passed corretely via network mode, If I issue on system B (no sat cable here)
root@squeeze:~# /opt/bin/mediaclient --secmini A -d /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0
Using device: /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0
setting mini cmd

on system A I see (sat cable here)
2013-02-19 20:47:47 [14386] Waking up device
2013-02-19 20:47:48 [14386] voltage is off
2013-02-19 20:47:49 [14386] voltage is low/0
2013-02-19 20:47:49 [14386] diseqc send burst Modulated (SEC_MINI_B)
2013-02-19 20:47:49 [14386] voltage is off
2013-02-19 20:48:04 [14386] Enabling standby
2013-02-19 20:48:04 [14386] Device is now in standby

any more ideas?


I'm looking for help on making diseqc work in network mode.

2 satellites, HotBird (diseqc port 0) + Astra (diseqc port 1) on a diseqc 1.2 compliant switch

1) my working setup (networking off):
- raspberrypi on debian
- usb sundtek stick with latest netinst driver
- latest tvheadend from git

2) my failing setup (network mode on)
system A (sat cable is here)
- raspberrypi on debian
- usb sundtek stick with latest netinst driver + network mode on
system B
- linux PC on debian wheezy
- latest sundtek netinst driver with network mount to system A
- latest tvheadend from git

The tvheadend configuration is the same on both setups, but on setup 1 when tvheadend starts the tuning the diseqc switch is correctely set to port A for hotbird scanning and to port B for astra scanning.
On setup 2 (network mode) I see from mediaserver log that system A receives diseqc port B switching request before tuning to every single transponder. This happens even if I only configure 1 diseqc port in tvheadend.

I tried to send diseqc commands from mediaclient but I allways get an unrecognized option as a result, do you have any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?

thanks a lot,

btw I love network mode :-)


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