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On clripted channels it is not working corectly for me. It works in principle, but when swicthing between sat and cable. Ie. I am on a cripted cable chanel, and works, then I swithc to a sat channel and back to previous cable chanel it stops working 90% of the times.

The message I got in CCcam is: 11:02:24.746 CCcam: enigma interface: disconnected (0), asi if it was moved to an FTA channel.

In the screen after a time I got: No data in traspodner time out reading pat

In the noncripted chanels it continues working, and if I only zap between cable channels no probelma at all.

This is happening since first 2.0 pli beta image. I tried on VIX and works though.

Any Idea?

EDIT: It seems to be a pli-CCcam related issue when switching between tuners, as I tried with another provider DVB-T usb stick and the same happens.

VU+ - VU Duo Settopbox / Re:Vu + DUO support
« am: August 23, 2010, 09:02:09 Nachmittag »
I have test on pli image and works nice:

You could find also a ipk valid for the pli image that installs it.

As per my uderstanding it shall work on any image that contains the drivers released by VU duo on 1308, that solved VU vtuner issues. However due to the OE change of original image, to make it work on original 5.1 or images based on new OE, the usbkhelper-vuplus.ko shall be recompiled to the new gcc 4.4.3 used by new OE.This shall not be an issue as it is open soruce:

Hope it is useful!

Minnor issues I found:

+ Automatic scan works on DVB-T mode but not able to make it work on DBV-C
+ Sometimes I think that audio sync problem could happen (small delay)

However in principle it works great.

Ps. Due to file size limitations I cannot upload the files to the post. If posible maybe the administrator could upload them.

VU+ - VU Duo Settopbox / Vu + DUO support
« am: Juni 27, 2010, 02:09:48 Nachmittag »

Just realised that this stick has support for Dm800 receiver (MIPS). Would it be posibel or is there any plan to add support for Vu + DUO receiver (also enigma 2 based)?

This receiver popularity is growing very fast, and already got compatibility with other USB sticks (DVB-T),but no DVB-C.

It uses kernel 2.6.18, therfore it shall be supported but when I tried to install the driver I got the following message: checking system... testing libc - FAILED (required libc version >= 2.4, got version: 2.3.90)
If any info is requried, pelase do not hesitate to contac me.

Best regards,

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