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{Single, Dual, Quad} Sundtek SkyTV Ultimate / Re:OpenATV 6.0 keine installation
« am: März 27, 2017, 10:56:35 Nachmittag »
i did this, but no result.

Wollen Sie fortfahren [J/N]:
adding /opt/bin to environment paths
adding administrator to audio group for playback...
checking system... VU+ Solo detected
installing (netinstall mode) ...
Downloading architecture specific driver ... mipsel2
Download finished, installing now ...
Starting driver...
removing udev rules
switching off loglevel

I then rebooted the box, still NO tuner found and then installed the sundtek software using the repo for setting it up.

When i wanted to start the tuner it also restarted enigma.

Now the box does not come online again, so same result!

How do i completely remove all installed drivers and software but also how do i get this to work?!?!

It worked fine in openatv 5.x but in openatv 6 it simply does nothing anymore.
How do i remove this driver completely and how do i get the correct drivers.

I also tried using to install using SSI mothod, but here same effect.
When i use SSI installs exactly the same software as i install it using the repo of the box itself.

It installedd according to the SSI software correctly but when the box needs to reboot the box 'hangs' during the boot logo and does NOTHING anymore.

Have to unplug the USB tuner and then it boots again and i can then remove the software

So how do i install this software/driver on openatv 6?

{Single, Dual, Quad} Sundtek SkyTV Ultimate / OpenATV 6.0 keine installation
« am: März 26, 2017, 09:28:49 Nachmittag »

Wie installiere ich unte openatv 6.0 (ET10000) den sundtek sky ultimate software und driver?

Wen ich sundtek control center installieren im openatv (software installieren) wird gemelded das kein driver vorhanden ist und ob ich dem installieren mochte.
Wen ich JA wahle wird einen driver installiert (VU+ meldet die software), nach dem restart hangt aber der tuner, er started nicht mehr.

Muss den USB tuner rausziehen und dann started der tuner wieder.

SO wie installiere ich im openatv 6.0 auf einen Xtrend Et10000 die richtige software oder treiber so dass ich denk SKY Ultimate DVB-S tuner ach gebrauchen kan mit dem ET10000?

What should the BER rate be?

The stick is connected on USB and also uses the AC adaptor to power it.

About the tuner settings, it is set in openatv to use the same settings as the plugin tuner (D), i did try to set it to it's own settings but this had no effect on the problem.

I have 4 LNB's (13,19,23 and 28) and the problem occurs on al 4 LNB's, doesnt' really matter which channel if it is encrypted or not.

The blocking occurs constantly, so during tuning in and also during watching.

At the moment i am not home, so i cannot check the exact settings and have no option for chat.

I now have this stick in use for a few weeks but the picture is not good.

I use a xtrend ET 10000 tuner with 3x DVB-C, 1 DVB-S tuner and 1 sundtek DVB-S usb tuner, the ET10000 runs on the latest openatv image and sundtek driver from there reposotory

All build in tuners have perfect picture, also the build in DVB-S tuner!

But when i watch a channel using the Sundtek tuner the picture blocks a lot, sometimes half the picture is blocks for a few seconds and then normal again.
The blocks are the same as when there is very bad weatcher and the signal gets worse.

I allready switch the cable with the build-in tuner, this had no effect on the problem, build-in tuner has still no problem and the sundteck stick still is blocking.
Also reinstalled the ET10000 with a new image and new driver install, no effect.

How can i fix this, i expect that the picture quality should be good and stable, not constantly blocking.
Is there somewhere a (hidden) setting i should or can change to fix this?

I ordered and received a sundtek DVB-S/S2 usb stick.

Sadly there was no manual included how to install so i tried it myself.

I found in the application downloads the app 'Sundtek Control Center' and sundtek driver.
I both installed them and my stick was after a reboot detected as 5th tuner (got allready 4 plugin tuners).

The strange thing is that the tuner suddenly is 'in use' when no one is using it, so no recording, streaming or watching. When selecting the tuner in the sattelite finder it errors with no tuner found....
Only a reboot of the box resolves this problem...

Also the picture is somtimes blocked when using the softcam decoder, other tuners have no problem..

I doubt if the tuner is installed correctly, also the app lists only a DVB-C tuner not DVB-S2.

Could someone tell me what it the correct way to install this tuner on a xtrend ET10000 box?

Is it possible to use the tuner also in openelec, if so how?
Is it maybe possible to share the tuner, so pluggedin into the ET10000 and use iptv to connect from openelec?

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