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I have one MediaTV Digital Home III (DVB-C/T/T2) for sale
see for Details
Price: 44€ + 7€ for shipping to Germany or Austria
Please ask for shipping rates to other destinations!

Please contact me by PM

verkaufe einen MediaTV Digital Home III (DVB-C/T/T2)
Details siehe
Preis: 44,- Euro + 7€ Versand nach Deutschland oder Österreich
Versandkosten in andere Länder auf Nachfrage

Kontakt bitte per PN

Treiber / Re:MacOSX Treiber 1. März 2015
« am: März 17, 2015, 09:17:53 Nachmittag »
* Alle Linux Änderungen auf MacOSX portiert
Unter anderem:
- ATSC Support
- Neue DVB-C/T/T2/AnalogTV/FM Tuner

Was bedeutet das konkret? Wird der Tuner nun von den gängigen Programmen (VLC, iMovie) als mögliche Videoquelle erkannt (CoreMediaIO implementiert?)? Siehe auch die Diskussion im englischsprachigen Forum:,401.msg13363.html#msg13363

MacOSX / Re:MacOSX Installation
« am: Dezember 30, 2014, 03:47:22 Nachmittag »
Hello again. Your last message sounds promising. I'm excited and I would test it. I'm looking forward for some good news.

MacOSX / Re:MacOSX Installation
« am: November 24, 2014, 02:10:13 Nachmittag »
Dear Sundtek Support Team,

thank you for your answer.

We are working on the MacOSX support.

XBMC needs a glue between the driver and XBMC so we are working on the "glue" part.

The next MacOSX driver update will add remote control support for XBMC on MacOSX.

I didn't asked anything about XBMC. I need a driver for Mac OS that integrates the sundtek device like a webcam or camcorder. In this way it'll be possible to use iMove to record the stream or to show it in VLC.

With kind regards

udated system setup:
Mac OS 10.10.1
iMovie 10.0.6

MacOSX / Re:MacOSX Installation
« am: Oktober 25, 2014, 06:34:53 Nachmittag »
Dear Sundtek-Support,

We are currently focusing on streaming from Linux/Mac to Windows, Mac, iPad and so on. More interesting things should come up within the next few weeks. Those things should be set before Christmas hopefully.

Ok, this post was almost three years ago and soon it'll be Christmas again. Where is the working Mac-Driver? I used the latest driver and followed all of your "instructions" but I'm not able to open any device (DVB, Radio, Composite) in VLC. I wanted to use my Sundtek MediaTV Pro III (DVB-C/T/T2, FM-Radio, AnalogTV) to digitalize some old tapes (VHS). I don't talk about iMovie yet.

Can you please write a short and simple HowTo for each use case (DVB-X, AnalogTV, Radio, SVideo, Composite) on the Mac, using original apple applications (iMove) or VLC? Or can please post the full terminal calls for VLC with the needed command line parameters for each use case?

With kind regards,

PS Here is my system setup:
Driver sundtek_driver_macosx_141009.1736.dmg
MacOS 10.9.4 (will be 10.10.x soon)
VLC 2.1.5 (64bit)
iMovie 10.0.5 [edit: added version number]

PPS Is there a possibility to receive some radio stations with this receiver in DVB-T-Mode on a Dreambox DM800SEv1?
PPPS I am happy with this receiver working in dual tuner mode on my Dreambox.

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