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VU+ - VU Duo Settopbox / Media TVPro problems
« am: Mai 04, 2011, 03:09:28 Nachmittag »
Hi Sundtek forum users,

I have been using my Media TV Pro stick for DVB-T on my VU+ DUO nearly since it came out last year. I have used it on VIX and now have moved to the latest Black Hole 1.5.1 image. I had to move away from VIX altogether because of instability. I am very happy with BH images in general. The problem I have and I had it as well on VIX images is that after a few days, about 5 days, without doing a full reboot of the system, the picture gets blocky, unwatchable and the spinner comes up as if there was a memory issue. I never really got the chance to test why and when this was happening before. First I was trying out various images before sticking to BH for a couple of months now. Then I was also having reception problems and had to get a new antenna with very good signal now.
The issue I have with DVB-T doesn't happen at all with DVB-S2 and my image is very stable. When the breaking up of audio and picture happened, I checked my system memory and there's no spike there.
Only a full reboot fixes it, Enigma 2 restart is not enough. For several days, there are no problems and around the 4th day, the picture starts to break a bit and by the 5th day, it's not watchable anymore.
Does anyone experience the same problem. Can that be an issue with my stick?

Thanks for the help

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