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Themen - tvblock

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I'm using OpenPli 2.0 now and the stick apears to work just fine.
I can watch some channels. However I still have some issues.

1. The stick will not allow me to receive channels higher then frequency 830. I get no signal there. And from 800 to 826 the signal levels are much weaker.
- is that a driver issue? or is there something wrong with the stick?

Om my DM800 Cable also with OpenPli 2.0 all frequency's work just fine so its not a signal issue on my end.

2. Zapping is much slower compared to the satelite tuners.

3. I can only do an manual search. No full scans using bands or frequency steps

4. I must enter a provider id on the tuner configuration page in order for the tuner to scan the network from a manual scan. Our cable has multiple operator so I have multiple id's.

On my DM800 Cable also with OpenPli 2.0 I do not have to set the provider id and can do a network scan for individual providers. But then again I can also do automated scans using bands or frequency steps

I always use the latest drivers from and latest OpenPli 2.0 updates!

Can you tell if these issues might be resolved?

If you need more information or need help testing feel free to contact me.


Seiten: [1]