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Themen - irishchris

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i have had a sundtek media pro tv tuner for few months and worked flawlessly. changed to the updated open pli 2.0 image on vu+ and it no longer works. installs and is detected as tuner c but when i scan comes up 0 channels and when i use my existing channel list comes up with tune failed. also i notice whereas it used to detect the vu+ duo as a vu+ duo in installation it now detects it as a "little endian"?

any help appreciated

VU+ - VU+ Duo und VU+ Solo Settopbox / lip sync problem in vu+
« am: Oktober 30, 2010, 08:26:46 Nachmittag »

i have this usb tuner for the last two weeks and have noticed now that there is a lip sync issue in that audio is often 1-4 seconds ahead of video on the dvb-t channels. it varies every time so is always  different time delays. i live in ireland and we use mpeg 4/h264 for both sd and hd channels.

can this be fixed by sundtek as i have read many forums of people reporting same.


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