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VU+ - VU Duo Settopbox / Vu+ Duo2 Tuner B problem with Sundtek as Tuner C
« am: Februar 10, 2015, 11:29:52 Vormittag »
Hi all,

I see that my issue has been discussed before, but the thread concerned did not give any final conclusion. So, I start a new thread.

I have a Vu+ Duo2 with the OpenPLI 4.0 latest image, with a USB Sundtek tuner installed as Tuner C and the latest Sundtek drivers installed.
All of the tuners (the two internal ones, A & B and the Sundtek, C) should be allocated to DVB-C.

But, Tuner C (Sundtek) appears to be in conflict with the internal Tuner B. If I set Tuner C to be DVB-C, then Tuner B resets itself as DVB-T (which is of no use), with the result that Tuner B then fails with "Tune Failed"

If I then set Tuner B as DVB-C, Tuner C then resets itself to DVB-T2..

As a result, I cannot seem to be able to set all three tuners to DVB-C! At one point, I was able to set all three as DVB-C, but then after a hard reboot, Tuner B came up as DVB-T. But, when I go into Tuner Configuration and select Tuner B it says it's DVB-C (which it is not). To get it back, I have to set it to DVB-T, click OK, then select DVB-C again. But then Tuner C goes to DVB-T!

I have re-installed the Sundtek drivers, but this made no difference.

Is there somewhere a configuration conflict, or something? Possibility that it's something on Sundtek's side? Might seem likely, given what I have to do to get Tuner B back to DVB-C. Why would Tuner B suddenly re-invent itself as DVB-T after a reboot?

I removed the Sundtek USB tuner last night, and then Tuners A and B were fine; both on DVB-C. I put the Sundtek back in, and then Tuner B got unhappy and went to DVB-T!

Please advise if I should send any further information that may be useful, or if you have any advice as to what I could do.

Thanks in advance and best regards,

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