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VU+ - VU Duo Settopbox / Two MediaTV Pro sticks do not work on Solo2 with new drivers
« am: September 05, 2013, 05:08:03 Nachmittag »

Looks like there's an issue with Sundteks with the new drivers of VU+.

Image: OpenVIX build 729 (tested 733 also)
Box: Solo2
USB sticks: Two MediaTV Pro

Sundtek drivers are latest, installed with SSI

Vu+ Drivers date -> Issue
20130802 -> Everything Ok
20130819 -> Only C tuner is recognized, but it work
20130904 -> It won´t even boot till to end.

It can be easily reproduced, just change driver files and reboot the box.

Drivers log:

VU+ - VU Duo Settopbox / Cable recording issues
« am: Dezember 15, 2011, 12:20:00 Nachmittag »
I got issues with cable recordings, in normal situation I use Sundtek as C tuner only for one cable channel and many many times, recordings hasn't work properly.

1. it has recorded maybe 10minutes from start
2. recording is just blackscreen and it stops immediately after trying to play it.
3. Record is pixelated, lot´s of glitches.

All Cable channels which I use are FTA channels, so it is not any CAM issue.
I have also used C-tuner channels as alternativate services for satellite channels and looks like when VU+ DUO has recorded from C-tuner issues are there.

i haven´t tested not so much the issues, but looks like live TV wathing with Sundtek stick is Ok. All DVB-S2 works perfectly even if there is many recordings at the same time.

Read/Write troughput from VU+ to NAS (so it is not network transfer issue):
Results for write throughput:
76.695 Mbit/s with udp,async,wsize=16384
76.695 Mbit/s with tcp,async,wsize=4096
67.108 Mbit/s with udp,async,wsize=8192
67.108 Mbit/s with udp,async,wsize=4096
67.108 Mbit/s with udp,async,wsize=32768
67.108 Mbit/s with tcp,async,wsize=8192
67.108 Mbit/s with tcp,async,wsize=32768
67.108 Mbit/s with tcp,async,wsize=16384

Results for read throughput:
89.478 Mbit/s with udp,async,rsize=8192
89.478 Mbit/s with udp,async,rsize=32768
89.478 Mbit/s with udp,async,rsize=16384
89.478 Mbit/s with tcp,async,rsize=8192
89.478 Mbit/s with tcp,async,rsize=4096
89.478 Mbit/s with tcp,async,rsize=32768
89.478 Mbit/s with tcp,async,rsize=16384
76.695 Mbit/s with udp,async,rsize=4096

Dev. drivers updated couple of days a go and it is tested with both Sundtek Pro sticks which i do have and image is now BH 1.6.6

Will powered USB hub give some advantages?

PS. Same message (only shorter) is in BH forum, so you can ignore it from there.

VU+ - VU Duo Settopbox / Do not get Pro stick to work now?
« am: April 03, 2011, 04:09:25 Nachmittag »
Any hint for me?

Before this i have been using stick in DVB-C mode on ViX image, and then i changed to VTi.

I have VTi 2.5 installed and i have also installed Sundtek control center from plugins.
When i try to start DVB-T stick i got message below:

"It seems the sundtek driver is not installed or not installed properly. Install the driver now?"

I have installed drivers and rebooted box several times, but allways same message.

Looks like stick is recognized, but i do not see C tuner in menu.

root@bm750:~# /opt/bin/mediaclient -e
**** List of Media Hardware Devices ****
device 0: [ Sundtek MediaTV Pro]  DVB-C, DVB-T, ANALOG-TV, FM-RADIO, REMOTE-CONT                                 ROL, OSS-AUDIO, RDS
     ID: tek00166
     FRONTEND: /dev/dvb/adapter1/frontend0
     DVR: /dev/dvb/adapter1/dvr0
     DMX: /dev/dvb/adapter1/demux0
     FRONTEND: /dev/dvb/adapter1/frontend0
     DVR: /dev/dvb/adapter1/dvr0
     DMX: /dev/dvb/adapter1/demux0
     VIDEO0: /dev/video0
     VBI0: /dev/vbi0
     RADIO0: /dev/radio0
     RDS: /dev/rds0
     INPUT0: /dev/mediainput0
     OSS0: /dev/dsp0

VU+ - VU Duo Settopbox / Can two MediaTV pro used on the same box?
« am: Dezember 23, 2010, 02:10:25 Nachmittag »
Can i use two sticks, does it work without a problem?
I´d like to use C and T tuner on my Vu+ DUO

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