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Dreambox Settopbox / 800HD PVR and DVB-S2 tuner
« am: April 26, 2013, 12:03:35 Vormittag »
Hi all, first post here!

I've installed a Sundtek USB DVB-S2 tuner to my DM (it's OpenPLi)
It works, but not as nice as I'd like.

I have a few annoyances I'd like to ask you peeps about:

1. The box does not boot completely by itself. It appears that /usr/sundtek/ start_s2 never complets and blocks the boot sequence. If I kill that process it completes the start up (and I have to run the script afterwards, or run Sundtek Control Center). I've not dug into it to determine why this script never finishes.

2. Switching channels takes about 4-6 seconds. Sometimes even the spinning gears appear, if only for a short while.

3. Watching HD channels (both 720p and 1080p) lags the box horribly. Current avg.load is ~2.8, which to my understanding is quite a lot. It might be memory related, but I can also see that the mediasrv process uses about 50% CPU.
Sometimes event the picture can freeze up, indefinitely (until channel switch).

What are other peoples experience using the Sundtek tuner on a dreambox?

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