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Dreambox Settopbox / Dreambox DM800HD and sundtek usb dvb-c tuner
« am: April 16, 2013, 03:21:47 Nachmittag »
I have a dremabox DM800HD
Image: OpenPli 2.1
Kernel versie: 2.6.18
Enigma: Dec 26 2012
Last update: 2013-04-12

I have installed a sundtek USB DVB-C tuner. But there is a problemen. Once i start the tuner via the sundtek control center the DB reboots and does not boot properly.

The blue light on the sundtek turns on but the dreambox keeps looping. I see the screen turn on on the box. saying booting multimedia with a progress bar. The bar fills itself up then screen on DB turns of comes back on does the same etc.

It does this a few times then the light on the sundtek goes off and the screen on the DB as well, and my tv only shows a bootscreen of my image.

When i reboot with the usb tuner not connected the box boots properly no problems. Once i hook up the tuner and start it the problem occurs with the reboot.

Please assist me.


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