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VU+ - VU Duo Settopbox / Vu + DUO support
« am: Juni 27, 2010, 02:09:48 Nachmittag »

Just realised that this stick has support for Dm800 receiver (MIPS). Would it be posibel or is there any plan to add support for Vu + DUO receiver (also enigma 2 based)?

This receiver popularity is growing very fast, and already got compatibility with other USB sticks (DVB-T),but no DVB-C.

It uses kernel 2.6.18, therfore it shall be supported but when I tried to install the driver I got the following message: checking system... testing libc - FAILED (required libc version >= 2.4, got version: 2.3.90)
If any info is requried, pelase do not hesitate to contac me.

Best regards,

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