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Ok many thanks for your quick replys.

I will contact Pli team about the enigma2 issues. I figured since both receivers run the same OpenPli version that all would be the same.

I will contact you by e-mail. Strange thing is that signal levels below 800 are just below 100% on all frequenties.

The stick we might change (contact us via email), since sticks from this year have 5% better sensitivity, but the scanning part is still part of Enigma2.
Those images aren't using the same version of Enigma2 and or slightly modified versions or plugins.

Unfortunately the need of entering DVB-C parameters for the manual Scan has nothing to do with the driver - uso we cannot change anything there.
We are sure that the Enigma2 DVB-C auto-scanning support will be fixed sooner or later, but it will definitely take some time.

which stick do you have?

How do I know which one I have? Its black with this code on it ODVBTA-0155


those are restrictions of the interface for external tuners, so far we optimized everything that's possible...

Ok I understand


unfortunately that's a restriction of engima2

If it was a restriction of Enigma2 then it would not work on other enigma2 boxes. I explained that it is working on my DM800 Cable. And I checked on a m8's DM8000 with internal cable tuner there it also works. No need to enter the network ID to make a network scan


speeding up tuning for the DM800HD .. there's probably no way to improve that since the available performance is somewhat maxed out with external tuners
improving the channel scan .. maybe for the long run, we're currently focusing on further platforms and other software. The scan is entirely related to Enigma2 not to the driver.

the performance issues I could live with, would be nice if they improve but ok. I'm not happy with the los of signal above 800. Could that be a stick defect?

I'm using OpenPli 2.0 now and the stick apears to work just fine.
I can watch some channels. However I still have some issues.

1. The stick will not allow me to receive channels higher then frequency 830. I get no signal there. And from 800 to 826 the signal levels are much weaker.
- is that a driver issue? or is there something wrong with the stick?

Om my DM800 Cable also with OpenPli 2.0 all frequency's work just fine so its not a signal issue on my end.

2. Zapping is much slower compared to the satelite tuners.

3. I can only do an manual search. No full scans using bands or frequency steps

4. I must enter a provider id on the tuner configuration page in order for the tuner to scan the network from a manual scan. Our cable has multiple operator so I have multiple id's.

On my DM800 Cable also with OpenPli 2.0 I do not have to set the provider id and can do a network scan for individual providers. But then again I can also do automated scans using bands or frequency steps

I always use the latest drivers from and latest OpenPli 2.0 updates!

Can you tell if these issues might be resolved?

If you need more information or need help testing feel free to contact me.


Sundtek MediaTV Pro / Re:Installation auf einer Dreambox
« am: Dezember 24, 2010, 09:05:17 Nachmittag »
its not working has never worked up to now

I only get these errors

FE_READ_BER failed (Device or resource busy)
FE_READ_SNR failed (Device or resource busy)
FE_READ_SNR failed (Device or resource busy)

witch result in gogles and enigma2 hanging

tried several vu+duo images

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