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Drivers / JCSAT-2B
« am: November 02, 2020, 12:32:35 Vormittag »
But complete product based on CM4 could simplify things.
IP Tuners and/or a separate Linux box running TV Headend also means your Kodi CoreElec box etc. doesn’t need to be physically near your antenna/aerial or LNB feeds (only the IP tuners or TV Headend server need to be physically connected)

Pretty obvious, similar box could be a little cheaper and better(since on Japanese site is listed obsolete CMR-5975)
The S300D is a low cost, compact and robust data receiver that receives a DVB-S or DVB-S2 satellite signal and passes the IP data onto your LAN. It is perfectly suited for consumer or small-medium enterprise use, delivering IP-based applications...
USD 599.00

Drivers / IP data receiver?
« am: Mai 31, 2020, 09:52:41 Nachmittag »
That can lead to another interesting product?
  • Low Cost system in Thailand: Based on ▬▬ recommendation, ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ [4] is suggested as a receiver. It provides the function of DVB-based IP data receiver / routers which is operated based on digital video broadcasting satellite second generation (DVB-S2). The properties of this receiver are as follows.
  • An L-Band Receiver / Demodulator, DVB-S2 compatible, capable of recovering the original data stream? Or We do not think we can make a competitive offer at that time. -We cannot meet the technical requirement / terms of reference for this. RFP/ITB/RFQ.
  • ...modules are cost optimised and manufactured in the UK ensuring the highest quality at competitive pricing
  • The market for DVB-S receivers is small, and cheap receivers are just that; cheap. Depending upon the criticality of your receive station for operations or as a main communication line, a $70 receiver may cost you more in terms of hassle and outages than it saves in initial investment.

    • External boxes are often preferred for ease of setup and maintenance over time, and if the computer configuration allows for it, a DVB-S receiver that connects via Ethernet is preferred even more. An Ethernet connected DVB-S receiver avoids potential USB driver issues.
    • The common lesson of all of these installations is that nothing ever goes as planned. More to the point, while manuals come with all the equipment, typically these are not straightforward, lack detail, and don't provide real world advice. I am willing to bet most manuals are written in a lab or are based upon theory only.
    • Please send us a photo?(they seem like reputable Agency?)
    • Dual illumination on transponder 7D (current) and 19C (new) started on 1 May, 2020. It will run through 30 June, 2020 for 2 months. This gives all users two months to reprogram existing receivers or install new receiver. There we can see blue LED. We can also see that mediaclient can be started without any options. Ask Gabor how to Create your own interactive shell with cmd in Python?

You can use a wide range of ‘software-defined radios’ (SDR’s) supported by GNURadio to receive the UHF signal
ESA’s mission control team in Darmstadt are asking for your help to find the fledgling CubeSat.
  • High-quality silver brushed aluminum enclosure
  • is designed by me to help out folks like you, use radios, namely Software-Defined Radios or SDR’s for experimenting, scanning, decoding, etc. In this case Radio reception of Polar Orbiting Satellites, and Geo Stationary Satellites.

    • Note that for Europe and Africa, unfortunately there are no satellites that can be received easily with an SDR and LNA.
    • I am a history buff, and a technology geek, born 100 years to late and 100 years too early.


{Single, Dual, Quad} Sundtek SkyTV Ultimate / Inspired by Elon?
« am: Mai 31, 2020, 04:00:04 Nachmittag »
And now something from another level:
Broadcast reliability is above 99.95% and the C-band frequency is resistant to rain-fade. Products to support specific disaster events can be inserted into the broadcast in an ad-hoc manner, including from the International Disaster Charter and NASA.Even at such conferences they mention embarrassing "portable generator". Some activists would suggest:

Transportable solar power system shows the way
Electrical independence is now a reality thanks to the all-new Hubi Power Station. This mobile energy system is the ideal means to provide power in a whole range of applications such as garden offices and hobby rooms, remote cottages and glamping chalets, site offices, field HQs, workshops, large stable blocks and agricultural buildings.

  • It's important for ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ system users to remember that even if a private company installed the antenna, they also need to know how to set the angles to aim the antenna correctly, since it can move for a variety of reasons, including strong winds associated with thunderstorms. Knowing these basic concepts will avoid unnecessary costs in the future.
  • Finding the signal with the receiver requires more time and patience, because you need to make small changes to the polarization angle and then wait a few minutes after each change to see if it made a difference in the receiver.
  • Finally, additional thanks to ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ at the ▬▬▬ State University of Maryland for his setup and hosting of a ground station, as well as patience allowing multiple site visits.
Best part in all this is that some residential buildings might be interesting to watch certain 16-9_Test_Card.png from same position.

{Single, Dual, Quad} Sundtek SkyTV Ultimate / Legacy-CSS-Kombi-Multischalter
« am: Mai 31, 2020, 01:26:07 Nachmittag »
Ingenieure der Entwicklungsabteilung zusammen mit Produktionsleiter schätzen sehr gute Erfahrungen mit EMP-Centauri Kunden in der Praxis haben, sowie deren praktische Beobachtungen, Vorschläge und Erfahrungen des Kunden werden damit begründet, die Qualitätsparameter der Produkte zu verbessern und neue Modelle und Typen zu entwickeln. EMP-Centauri ist sich bewusst, dass nur ein guter Ansatz für die Kunden und ihre Bedürfnisse und Anforderungen ist die Grundlage des Erfolgs.

190 mA Max. @ 11 V ~ 20 V

Gen 2

Where to Buy?

Sundtek MediaTV Pro (Europe) / What's currently the best?
« am: Mai 31, 2020, 12:49:06 Nachmittag »
...was a Linux distribution designed for home theater PCs and based on the Kodi (formerly XBMC) media player.
  • was forked after "creative differences", taking most of its active developers at the time to join the new LibreELEC project

Drivers / STB?
« am: Mai 23, 2020, 01:08:38 Vormittag »
Some users are obviously confused. I don't see why they can't offer complete product based on CM.
1473005-4 could be placed on extended board of current dual tuner.
LAN9514 should be good enough until next CM is ready(predictions say it will support gigabit and dual HDMI out) :-\

Slice was ahead of time or 5Ninjas were too few? (also discontinued?)

I can confirm that strong wind/thunderstorm can cause this:

I have a Sundtek SkyTV Ultimate (Single) receiver, and the ammount of channels I'm able to tune in have been degraded quite considerably during the last months, which makes me believe that my antenna just shifted and needs readjustments.

    SIGNAL: [..............................   ] ( 90%)
SATQUALITY:  60%           SNR:   6           BER: 0   LOCKED: YES
   IF FREQ: 1704.5 MHz     SYM:  27.5 MS/s    POL: H
   DEL SYS: DVB-S2         MOD:   QPSK        FEC_9_10   BAND: High

How can I interpret the singal strength results here? Is it a good reception or not? Could it be the LNB or Dish related? Noise? Or just bad software settings? Any ideas or extra input?
It would be much easier to adjust with some kind web app which should display all info in large font on tablet! What SNR we should target/be satisfied with? 14?

Sundtek MediaTV Pro (Europe) / Re: CAM / CI
« am: Dezember 26, 2018, 04:30:06 Nachmittag »
Similarly, we have lost hope that national broadcaster will switch to HD. Apparently, they will do it without much fanfare on satellite.

I have discovered that it is possible to use certain CI bridge with any tuner. There was even now dead DVBLink CI4All Edition.

It seems there is disadvantage because every app need to support it.

{Single, Dual, Quad} Sundtek SkyTV Ultimate / Re:HEVC on Sundtek
« am: Oktober 27, 2017, 04:39:07 Nachmittag »
This is not hevc, this is still h264 (the codec is totally unrelated to this anyway)
Ok tks for the reply

but now i cannot watch videos.. only audio on on Vu+

is my also needed an upgrade???
Conclusion of this topic is that HEVC can be used for any resolution. In this case it will work only on UNO4k/Ultimo4k/Solo4k... :-\

{Single, Dual, Quad} Sundtek SkyTV Ultimate / Improve output
« am: September 16, 2017, 03:15:47 Nachmittag »
User may be confused by 12207(000)000 (k)Hz ???
SIGNAL: [                                 ] (  0%) QUALITY:0%  SNR:0  BER: 0 FREQ: 12207 MHz LOCKED:NO SYS: DVB-S SYM: 27500 FEC: FEC_5_6 MOD: QPSK VOLTAGE: V(13V) TONE: ON

SIGNAL: [                                 ] (  0%) SATQUALITY:   0%  SNR:   0  BER:      0 FREQ: 12207000   Hz LOCKED:  NO SYS: DVB-S SYM: 27500000 FEC: FEC_5_6 MOD: QPSK VOLTAGE: V(13V) TONE: ON

Sundtek Streaming Server / Re:Sundtek Streaming Server (Englisch / English)
« am: April 23, 2017, 06:30:16 Nachmittag »
It also seems that server use wrong address(localhost) when using UPnP feature of VLC from another computer.
It would be useful if server can announce availability of channels from current mux when first VLC is streaming(second VLC will only be able to tune to channels of current mux) 8)

Sundtek Streaming Server / Re:Sundtek Streaming Server (Englisch / English)
« am: April 09, 2017, 09:00:50 Nachmittag »
Will there be eng setup? Auto scan is too long because it will scan many pay TV.
Please give us manual option to select few interesting mux. :-\

{Single, Dual, Quad} Sundtek SkyTV Ultimate / Re:High CPU usage on network driver
« am: April 01, 2017, 11:41:09 Nachmittag »
I might add that there is also high CPU usage in DVBViewer Demo and DVB Dream on Win 7 :(
Always same thread:

{Single, Dual, Quad} Sundtek SkyTV Ultimate / Re:Unknown modulation?
« am: Februar 19, 2017, 03:59:53 Nachmittag »
FEC: FEC_AUTO MOD: UNKNOWN VOLTAGE: V(13V) TONE: ONCan we have POL: V instead of voltage?

It is also interesting to read research article about DVB-S2X:
Zitat von: Development of satellite high-definition television in Europe
In order to ensure transmission of the greatest possible number of HDTV and UHDTV channels via satellites, it is necessary to convert the satellite DVB-S transponders to DVB-S2 transponders. Conversion to the 16APSK modulation will result in the increased capacity for HDTV channels. Furthermore, in order to use satellite capacity as cost effectively as possible, the MPEG-4 compression standard should also be used for the transmission of SDTV channels.

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