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Market Place / other questions / Not recived my order
« am: Dezember 12, 2012, 03:20:16 Nachmittag »
On the 7th of november I ordered and payed for a Sundtek MediaTV (order no. XXXX). I have still not reciveded it and I’ am not able to get in contact with you because you don´t answer when I call nor do you answer my e-mails.
When I logg in I can see that the status on my order is “not shipped yet” even thought you have it in stock.
I want to know why you have not sent my order and why you don’t answer any e-mails. The thing is that before I ordered I e-mailed you and you answered right away. Is this some form of fraud??.

Order nr. XXXX 4
Sundtek MediaTv Digital Home (DVB-CT)

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