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To which address should I ship it back? what reference should I write on the box?
thank you

ok, I'll look to ship it back and refer to this thread. thank you!

My dish is a Technisat Multytenne Twin, indeed pointed to Astra 19.2. One output is connected to my dreambox and works fine to view television. the other output is connected to the sundtek usb.
The LED is not on most of the time. Is there something I should do before checking the LED?

I used the mediaclient binary, as in the example at,341.0.html
so something like:
/opt/bin/mediaclient -m DVBS -f 10714000 -M QPSK -S 22000000 -V H -E 5/6
but it does not return . [LOCKED]

andy@mythtv:~$ /opt/bin/mediaclient -m DVBS -f 10714000 -M QPSK -S 22000000 -V H -E 5/6
Using device: /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0
Setting DVB-S/S2 tune Parameters
using HI/LO Band frequency: 10714000
Modulation: QPSK (DVB-S)
Symbolrate: 22000000
Voltage: 18 Volt (Horizontal)
FEC: 5/6
Tone OFF
Frequency: 964000
Syntax OK
Checking for lock:

I still can't get a "Lock" when I connect the usbtuner to a linux computer, even the cable I use works fine when I test it on the dreambox. Tried with the examples on your site which should lock I think?
I will look to buy a powered usb hub.
Apart from that, is usb 1.1 supported? It would be great if I could use the tuner with usb-passthrough on vmware esxi.

an alternative idea is to connect the usbtuner to a separate computer and use the server/client possibilities. But I heard that part was broken in the previous version, is it fixed already in this latest version?

I installed the patched driver and had mrec tweak it a bit more in an ssh session.
Good news is I can see the driver in the Enigma2 gui (openpli) and when I'm recording on 1 transponder, the dreambox uses the onboard tuner (as usual), when I zap to a different transponder the dreambox tries to use the usb tuner - but it cannot tune. I have no signal.
I swapped the cables from usbtuner and onboard tuner and still have signal onboard, so both lnb's are ok.
Something seems still wrong with the tuning?

I understand you will use a new chip for new usb tuners, but I have the "old" version (purchased last summer)
I tried on dreambox and on mythtv, it's not working  :(

So far I can not use the usb dvb-s tuner I purchased. mrec (Markus) said after the ssh session this is a known problem with the 13/18V change when a dreambox comes out of standby or on startup. Now I read that this is considered a customer request?? I am not asking for a new feature here, this is basic essential functionality...

Will the problem for dreamboxes be fixed in the new update that will be released in a few days?
If not, is there any workaround?

I have a dreambox dm800hd and installed the driver as described. However, it does not show up as a new tuner in the Enigma2 interface.
A week ago I had a nice chat on IRC #sundtek, when mrec logged in to my dreambox and mentioned Sundtek will need to make a new driver to fix this problem. It has something to do with the voltage.
The ETA was 1-2 days. I am wondering what the status is, as I still see the same driver on the site as the one I installed. When will the new driver become available?

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