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It's an x86 System (TS-439 PRO II+) !
I will try it anyway.

That means you have to start the driver by yourself after a reboot.

/opt/bin/mediaclient --start


I'm back again. In
/opt/bin/mediaclient --start
sleep 5
/etc/init.d/ restart
is executed but TVHeadend does not find dvb-device, even if this is there.
I changed to
/opt/bin/mediaclient --start
sleep 5
.../sundtek_installer_development_20111206 -easyvdr
Now it works but after each reboot some settings are lost and TVHeadend is performing a initial scan. So it's still not an optimised solution.

In addition I tried to update to "sundtek_installer_development_20120117" --> no /dvb device is generated ? Some strange message is shown while running install script "driver is already installed in /etc/rc.local, independently from uninstalling the old driver before with "-u".

Any hints are welcome.

I followed this how-to and driver is loaded on my QNAP 439 and also seen by tvheadend (for tests I use the qpkg-package from QNAP forum, since EPG is not implemented there the hope is that I can get MythTV to run on QNAP)

My problem : after rebooting the QNAP the driver is no more there, I have to run the install script again. I don't believe, that this is the normal way.

Does somebody know, what's going wrong ? Thanks in advance


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