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Titel: MythTV analog setup
Beitrag von: tougher am April 11, 2010, 07:57:02 Nachmittag

Has anyone got analog TV to work in MythTV 0.23 (or maby 0.22)? I've tried to add channels manually, but when I open MythTV frontend and opens Watch TV, the screen goes blank for a few seconds and the back to the menu.
If I do a channel scan (try-all), no channels are found.
DVB-T is working great in MythTV, but where I the most channels are analog, so I need analog to work.

TvTime is working fine (the audio needs some tweaking though).

My setup:
Mythbuntu 10.04 RC
AMD Sempron 1.6@1.93 GHz
1 GB memory
Sundtek MediaTV Pro

Titel: Re:MythTV analog setup
Beitrag von: Sundtek am April 12, 2010, 01:08:24 Vormittag
We checked analog TV with MythTV. Obviously Analog TV is currently broken in MythTV with analog TV grabbers (we also tested other tuners which have been known to be supported).
The last known working MythTV version is 0.21 (which comes with eg. Ubuntu 8.04)

With 0.22 MythTV developers disabled channel scanning
With 0.23 it's enabled again but analog TV now seems to fail (also with other TV tuners).
Additionally what we figured out is that the MythTV VBI/Videotext implementation is totally broken (it causes memory corruptions) and also influence analog TV... some more work is needed to fix analog TV Support for MythTV again. Disabling VBI doesn't seem to work MythTV will still try to access the devicenode in the background (we will report those bugs to MythTV)

We also have a bugfix queued for the new mythtv scanner, the reason that 0.23 cannot find any channel is that tuning happens too fast, we added some delay to this procedure to give the device some time to settle down at a given frequency.

Seems like it will take some time until MythTV will be fixed again... unfortunately our developers are currently busy with OSX Support after that they can have a closer look at MythTV.

The latest updated driver will find analog TV channels with 0.23 (playback still has the mentioned issues, the driver also denies the faulty VBI access from MythTV):,9.0.html

This is the change for MythTV in order to get VBI right again (it will probably be part of MythTV 0.24):
Titel: Re:MythTV analog setup
Beitrag von: tougher am April 13, 2010, 03:45:09 Nachmittag
Wow, what a great support ;D I didn't expect that.

I've now checked out the lastest 0.23 branch of MythTV. Added your (I guess you're the anonymous committer at ( patch to vbi.c and compiled MythTV + dep.
I've installed your beta driver and now MythTV find channels. But the channelscan is still broken. I've tried with a Hauppauge PVR-150 tuner with the same result. The scan is running and finds about 20-30 channels. When the scan is done, an alert appears telling me "Failed to find any channels" or something like that.

I will add additional info, when I've got some time later.

But actually I'm on the edge to "give up" and install Mythbuntu 8.04 with MythTV 0.21.
Titel: Re:MythTV analog setup
Beitrag von: Sundtek am April 13, 2010, 04:03:26 Nachmittag
The MythTV scanning mechanism is still broken, it's better to use MythTV 0.21 (Ubuntu/MythUbuntu 8.04) for now until MythTV developers fix up analog TV again. The bug which you are experiencing is a general bug in MythTV now.
Titel: Re:MythTV analog setup
Beitrag von: tougher am April 13, 2010, 04:11:35 Nachmittag
Ok, I will do that.

Thanks for the answers.
Titel: Re:MythTV analog setup
Beitrag von: Sundtek am Mai 14, 2010, 07:01:03 Nachmittag
Analog TV is working again with MythTV which comes with the final Ubuntu 10.04 release