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Titel: Sundtek Remote Control Manager
Beitrag von: Sundtek am Februar 27, 2010, 04:03:41 Nachmittag
Sundtek Remote Control Manager


The Sundtek Remote Control Manager is now available within the latest driver package.
It can be started by running /opt/bin/sundtekremote, the configuration can be done in the GUI.

In order to use the correct devicenode with autorun applications there are currently 4 macros available which will fill out the corresponding newly created devicenode

FRONTENDDEVICE  ... /dev/dvb/adapter[n]/frontend0
VIDEODEVICE  ... /dev/video[n]
RADIODEVICE ... /dev/radio[n]
OSSDEVICE ... /dev/dsp[n]

to autostart tvtime when the stick gets plugged in simply use following command
/usr/bin/tvtime -d VIDEODEVICE

After pressing return in that field the setting will be stored in a configuration file.

Please note this application is currently bound to Gtk, we are about to move it to Qt which has a better portability.