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Titel: dual tuner reset/flush
Beitrag von: tomasl am Oktober 10, 2022, 09:08:34 Vormittag
I'm running TVHeadend inside Docker container. Dual plus SkyTV 6. everything is working fine.
I learned that sometimes the tuners disappear for some reason from TVHeadend and then I need to recreate the container and reinstall the sundtek drivers inside.

I plan to automate this somehow (I'm not sure how yet, haven't had time to think about it and test, perhaps Docker Compose which would recreate the container once a day).
but, sometimes it happens, that this doesn't help. then only unplugging and plugging tuner back in to the linux box helps. I assume some buffer is filled or somewhere something is stuck.
I haven't yet tried, when it happened, with mediaclient -e if the tuners can be detected, but I'd like to ask if there is some command to avoid re-plugging the tuner. is there a way to perform this re-plugging with some tuner cache flush command (how I imagine it)?
Titel: Re: dual tuner reset/flush
Beitrag von: Sundtek am Oktober 10, 2022, 02:49:56 Nachmittag

check dmesg there should be some indicator if there are problems - and please be sure that your system has enough power.

3 Tuner = at least 750mA @ 5v = 3.75W
Titel: Re: dual tuner reset/flush
Beitrag von: tomasl am Oktober 11, 2022, 12:16:42 Nachmittag
next time it happens I'll try dmesg. thanks for hint.

and I have both tuners plugged to AC mains with the provided adapter as well.
so they are not only powered from USB port, does it still matter what's the system's input power source rating?

I have Odroid HC4 with 4A AC, laptop like, adapter. so I guess it should be enough, even it's running two 3.5" HDDs.
Titel: Re: dual tuner reset/flush
Beitrag von: Sundtek am Oktober 12, 2022, 01:30:19 Vormittag
The AC adapter is mainly for the LNB, however it would be possible to connect a voltage regulator between the 12V power supply and the tuner to get 5V from the AC adapter. If you need that we can also provide that.
Titel: Re: dual tuner reset/flush
Beitrag von: tomasl am Oktober 15, 2022, 10:19:37 Nachmittag
Hi, it happened again. attached is the dmesg output.
this time I only stopped the container, replugged the dual tuner and started the container. it fixed the problem.
the tuners are connected to HC4 via powered USB hub. when this happens, the old skytv 6 is ok, but the dual tuner disappears from TVHeadend.

and I'm interested in the voltage regulator, could you tell me more?
Titel: Re: dual tuner reset/flush
Beitrag von: Sundtek am Oktober 21, 2022, 05:11:39 Nachmittag
ok at that point I see no error.

was the disconnect triggered by you or by the system?
- Can you enter the chat when the problem is active?
- Can you enable logging for the driver
create a file /etc/sundtek.conf
and write following into it:

Also what does following show up:
/opt/bin/mediaclient --build
There was a driver issue with drivers older than August 2021.

(the file usually doesn't exist and the driver will load default settings, so if you create it the driver will load the settings from it).

It will create a logfile in /var/log/mediarsv.log
Titel: Re: dual tuner reset/flush
Beitrag von: tomasl am Oktober 23, 2022, 11:26:22 Nachmittag
Build date is 2021-08-03 07:12:24, so it says. I downloaded driver and installed driver using the instructions in top of the page.

I created the /etc/sundtek.conf, with loglevel=max inside, inside the TVH container.
the file /var/log/mediasrv.log exist inside the container and at the host, but it's empty right now.
do I need to restart the container so the new loglevel setting is applied?

the tuner disconnect happened without my action, it always does. last time I stopped the container and re-plugged dual tuner in the USB port, then started the container and the tuner was again available in TVH.

next time this happens, I'll try to reach you via chat first.
thanks for support.
Titel: Re: dual tuner reset/flush
Beitrag von: chili am November 22, 2022, 10:22:39 Nachmittag
Here i am.
Yesterday the Sky VIII Dual has lost the tuners again in tvheadend.
Sky Ultimate VI always is safe.
Please provide this adapter to provide current to the dual tuner.
Titel: Re: dual tuner reset/flush
Beitrag von: Sundtek am November 23, 2022, 05:25:30 Vormittag
Please provide:
- logfiles
- information which system you use.
- how long was the tuner in use
- which other devices are attached
- possibly a photo of your setup

turn on tuner logging:
and restart.

so the tuning history can be traced in /var/log/mediasrv.log

we need to know as much as possible to reproduce this setup.
Best would probably be to send your setup to us for investigation.

For the Raspberry PI4 please be aware that there are posts out there where some people have USB problems in general with all kind of devices "-110".

The Dual DVB-S/S2/S2X device requires around 470mA (when both tuners are used, regardless if the powersupply is attached - because that one is only for the LNB).
We had the RPI4 running with DVB-S/S2/S2X Dual running for a month constantly without any issue - but we used a laboratory AC adapter also to monitor the power consumption.

A disconnect of the system is not a normal behaviour, and we would like to know more about it.
We are doing numerous tests on our side and can confirm that disconnects would be abnormal - if it happens there must be a reason for that.

From previous experience we have seen eg. that on some Amlogic ARM systems only certain ports work stable with higher transfer speeds (usually the OTG port), other ports would eg. disconnect -- with all our tuners.
Some other systems which we've seen were powered with 5V - needed a power bypass line to USB because they only delivered 4.7V on the USB Voltage rail.

Single tuners only carry out half the bandwidth, dual tuners up to 240 mbit.