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Titel: Order status
Beitrag von: chrisfromwa am Juni 19, 2020, 07:49:44 Nachmittag
I've been trying to get a hold of you via your 'contact us' multiple times for over a week,  but no response.
Could you please let me know the status of my order (#1867)

It was placed on 5/26,  and when the order was placed the stick was 'in stock' and was still labeled as 'in stock' all the way up until last week on your site.

I would appreciate an update and also a tracking number.
Titel: Re: Order status
Beitrag von: chrisfromwa am Juni 23, 2020, 06:03:31 Nachmittag
So over the past 2 weeks,  no response from trying to contact you from your site,  and no response in your forums.
Been almost a month since I ordered and still no ordered received.   Will be contacting Paypal soon.
Titel: Re: Order status
Beitrag von: viper am Juni 30, 2020, 11:19:20 Vormittag
Nachdem ich den Stick vor zwei Jahren nicht bekommen konnte und nach mehreren Monaten eine PayPal Rückzahlung bekommen habe ereilt mir gerade genau das gleiche...
Heute habe ich eine PayPal Rückzahlung erhalten für den Stick welchen ich vor fast zwei Monaten bestellt habe und welcher als lagernd gelistet war.

Ich verstehe nicht wie Sundtek bzw. Namatek Geld verdienen will wenn Sie ihre Kunden mit falschen Angaben (Lieferfähigkeit) verarschen und der Stick nur in Kleinstmengen verfügbar ist.
Wieviele wurden innerhalb der drei Jahre seid der Einführung verkauft? 50 Stück?
Titel: Re: Order status
Beitrag von: chrisfromwa am Juni 30, 2020, 03:20:17 Nachmittag
yep same here,  wake up this morning to find that the item that I paid for back in May (which said was in stock). 
Was now refunded,  and apparently never shipped.

Also looks like your main website has been taken down too. 

Great communication guys,  you had the opportunity to sell a ton of these because of Open Auto Pro.   
If you would have worked with them,  you could have made a killing with these.  As people want FM radio in their projects.

But instead,  you didn't provide much (if any) support,  never shipped units that you said were in stock.   And now looks to be that you've decided to just call it quits. 

So anyone who reads this,  don't waste your time.