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Juni 22, 2018, 03:38:20 am
Sundtek Support ForumEnglishSundtek MediaTV Pro (Europe)DriversSynology package: Unable to specify first_adapter
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Autor Thema: Synology package: Unable to specify first_adapter  (Gelesen 474 mal)
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« am: Januar 20, 2018, 12:03:48 pm »


For unknown reasons my anysee adapter and the sundtek stick both use adapter0 on my DS216. From a previous odroid setup I was familiar with the first_adapter=2 setting. Now it appears that the start-stop-status script removes the line with first_adapter=2 from /etc/sundtek.conf actively.

The removal is related to what I assume a cleanup action when a dvblink package has been deinstalled.

Could you make the removal more specific? For example you could remove the line only when it reads "first_adapater=8", as that is what the scripts conditionally puts in the conf file. Or make it optionally, or cofigurable through the UI.

In the current situation I have to make sepcifc adaptations to the sundtek start-stop-status script,which I do prefer not to do, as after a furutre update I might be struggling with the same issues again.

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« Antworten #1 am: Januar 20, 2018, 06:02:05 pm »

DVBLink needs the first adapter to be adapter8 that's why it actively removes it.
Other applications are looking for adapter0 so it needs to be switched.

those things all happen on script level you can modify it as you need it (especially since this is not a common situation).

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