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April 26, 2018, 07:55:20 am
Sundtek Support ForumEnglishSundtek MediaTV Pro (Europe)Driversesxi 5.5 passthrough with m-pcie Media pro
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Autor Thema: esxi 5.5 passthrough with m-pcie Media pro  (Gelesen 2141 mal)
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« am: April 20, 2014, 09:24:51 am »


I would like to passthrough my m-pcie tuner in ESXi 5.5
But currently this device is not available for passtrough , in ESXi 5.5.

I've also tested with an USB version of the Media Pro. This is working as expected. Passthroug works. Whenever... When using usb passtthrough , it is a bit slow. When chosing to passthrough the whole usb controller , it's a bit faster.

But when using the m-pcie tuner , I'm not able to see the tuner anyway.
I think , i have to create a custom ISO for ESXi installing (already done that for other drivers). But I don't know which driver i need.

Can someone help me ?

Kind regards,

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« Antworten #1 am: April 20, 2014, 12:50:58 pm »

Do you have one of our MiniPCIe Tuners? (the official shipping date is next week for our minipcie units).

The MiniPCIe Tuners show up as USB devices.

I do not recommend to directly attach and pass through those USB devices locally, instead you could better move the devices outside of the server and just stream them into your virtual machines


By using the network mode the device inside the VM just looks like a device which would be attached natively.

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