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Titel: Raspberry Pi 2
Beitrag von: eikido am April 04, 2015, 09:42:37 pm
I just got the Raspberry Pi 2 and i'm really impressed by this little thing.
I already have the Raspberry Pi 1 (not b+) and this is a major upgrade!

I'm running openelec + tvheadend. Tvheadend server can be installed under Unofficial RPI 2 repository available in the addons list.

However, when i Switch channels, it's really slow (around 10 seconds, i'm used to around 1-1.5 seconds). Now i don't have the mpeg2 codecs installed and that might be the issue (i haven't recieved the codes yet).

Yesterday i installed raspbian on the RPI 1 and the tvheadend server and streamed channels to another HTPC via WLAN and the channel switching was just as fast as before. Faster than any Enigma 2 settop box!

I tried playing around some settings but nothing has helped.

Any clues? :)

I created this thread for future RPI 2 questions for everyone!

Edit: forgot to mention that the HTPC I've been running with fast channel changing was not any of my raspberry Pi's
Maybe it is supposed to switch this slow with a RPI.  But when the RPI runs as a tvheadend server but I view the channel on another client, the channel switching is fast on the client side.

Titel: Re:Raspberry Pi 2
Beitrag von: Sundtek am April 06, 2015, 02:21:18 pm
You might need to buy the codec for that at the moment.

It very much depends on the optimization level of Codecs as well. Also check the CPU that the entire unit is not running at a low speed when using the devices (you might be able to change the speed to something custom with a userspace scheduler).

A quick test can be done with
/opt/bin/mediaclient --cpucheck

Titel: Re:Raspberry Pi 2
Beitrag von: eikido am April 06, 2015, 10:38:19 pm
Thanks for the response mate. I'm waiting for the codecs to arrive.
I just also did another test.

I closed down the client in the RPI 2 and let only tvheadend server run.
I then used my normal HTPC (AMD E350 Fusion) with tvheadend client to connect to the RPI 2 tvheadend server and the channel switching was normal.

So obviously the sundtek usb stick itself is not the problem at all, nor the tvheadend server running in the RPI 2.

I will try to narrow it down to see what is so slow :)

I've had this Sundtek stick for two years and i must say it is growing on me and i'm extremly impressed by it.

Well done!

Titel: Re:Raspberry Pi 2
Beitrag von: eikido am April 07, 2015, 05:42:16 pm
I just got the codecs and now everything works solid and fast! IT was the codecs that was the problem! Who would've thought?

Titel: Re:Raspberry Pi 2
Beitrag von: Sundtek am April 07, 2015, 05:56:57 pm
Nice! Good to know.

I don't wonder that the legacy codecs are not optimized, they are just too generic.

Titel: Re:Raspberry Pi 2
Beitrag von: armaster am November 23, 2017, 11:43:44 am

I noticed that KODI Add-on for SUNDTEK MediaTV stick is available, but if I search within drivers, I found only for OpenELEC.

1. Is this Add-on only player and I need TV head-end server installed?
2. Is this Add-on available also for OSMC?


Titel: Re:Raspberry Pi 2
Beitrag von: Sundtek am November 23, 2017, 04:34:16 pm

in OSMC you just need to follow our regular installation manual (open terminal download & install driver) - tvheadend should work with it.

In Openelec the sundtek plugin is required for tvheadend (this is openelec / libreelec specific).